We offer programs that contribute to the wellness and community of those who work and study at UCSF.

Diabetes Prevention Program
A year-long lifestyle change program for eligible faculty, staff and trainees who are prediabetes or at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Say not me to diabetes!

Step It Up
Our online holiday wellness challenge for individuals and teams that encourage healthy behaviors including walking, physical activity, and gratitude. Let’s get moving!

UC Walks
Our annual walking event to encourage the UCSF community to get out of their workspace and take regular walking breaks. Walk it out!

UCSF Recognize
An online platform to formally acknowledge the great work and collaboration of your UCSF colleagues. Contribute to a culture of positivity at work!

UCSF Volunteers
A manager-led volunteer program in which teams of faculty and staff volunteer together out in the community. Serve the community while team building!

UCSF Discount Program
Ways the UCSF community can save on entertainment, travel, dining and more!