Seismic Bracing

“Reinforcement added to building elements such as furniture or laboratory equipment that increases the capability to remain upright, mounted, and/or in place during seismic activity”


    “Unlike most other natural disaster events, earthquakes have no season and they can cause devastation any time of the year without warning” -

    During an earthquake, large items such as tall bookcases, refrigerators, file cabinets, gas cylinders, and monitors can fall.  Toppled items can block exits, as well as cause injuries to occupants. Seismic bracing such as anchors, latches, display mounting brackets, fasteners, and straps can help keep furniture and valuable research equipment upright, which not only helps protect both the item and its contents, but can help prevent injuries.

    Facilities Services recognizes that it is important to know what our customers value.  Our goal is to clearly communicate the process, define responsibilities & roles, with the hope of improving the customer experience. To streamline the approval process, we have partnered with Capital Programs, EH&S, and the State Fire Marshal to for specific types of seismic bracing projects.  Please see the two most common approaches below:

    process simpler Equipment/Furniture meeting the requirements from the pre-engineered details can be installed by Facilities Services without a formal permit (Process 1). Other equipment/furniture not meeting the requirements from the pre-engineering details can also be seismically braced, but must follow the approach illustrated below:

longer seismic process

  • Floor or counter mounted items > 100 lb
  • Wall mounted or suspended items > 20 lb
  • Items containing hazardous material
  • Items with the potential to block exit routes
  • Items, or material within, critical to the university’s operations (as determined by users)
  • Items, or material within, of high value (as determined by users)
  • Furniture > 5’ ft. in Height or Height/Depth ratio > 3:1

  • *Exception: mobile items moved at least once every 8 hours do not require seismic bracing, such as the mobile displays illustrated below:

    example mobile displays

    digital signage example

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