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Please review the information for managers and guidelines prior to organizing your volunteer activity. 

Manager Checklist

Manager Checklist
Managers, please follow this checklist when planning your volunteer event. You can print it out for easy reference. Looking for even more information? Check out Manager Tips & Tricks for ideas on how to create a successful team volunteer experience.

For Faculty, Non-Supervisory Staff & Students
The UCSF Volunteers program helps organize manager-led team volunteering activities designed for employees to contribute their time to the community. Students are able to organize their own team volunteering events through the Graduate and Professional Student Association. Faculty should reach out to the Academic Senate to organize a volunteer activity.

How to Present a Volunteer Opportunity to Your Manager
If you have found a non-profit organization you would like to volunteer at with a group of your colleagues, bring this website to your manager for review.

Guidelines & Required Waiver

Please review these guidelines closely when planning a volunteer activity,

Required Waiver
Waivers are required for activities performed off site during work hours. Please click here to find and upload the waivers. Managers are responsible for retaining the waiver documents for one year.

General Guidelines:
-We encourage managers to be inclusive when planning a volunteer activity and encourage all team members to participate. Volunteering is optional, and no one can be required to participate in a volunteer activity.

-Managers should keep all ability levels in mind when choosing a non-profit. If appropriate, discuss accessibility with the non-profit organization and make sure a variety of activities are available for volunteers.

-Some volunteer sites may involve slightly strenuous activities. Please note that standing for long periods of time, or repeatedly moving in the same motion for a prolonged amount of time may increase the risk of injury. Take measures to reduce the risk of injury, and discuss with the non-profit organization.

Volunteer Time
Managers may use their discretion to determine whether work time can be used for a team volunteer activity. UCSF Volunteers is intended to be a manager-led, team-based volunteer activity where colleagues volunteer together in the community for 4-8 hours per year.

Managers should consider coverage needs, including backup coverage, when planning a volunteer activity during work time. In some cases, there may need to be multiple staggered volunteer activities in order for all interested staff to attend.

It is not recommended to travel to volunteer sites via personal cars during work hours. Instead, we suggest traveling to your non-profit via our UCSF shuttle system, walking, or using public transportation. 
UCSF shuttles are available for charter. To rent a UCSF shuttle (with your department funds), go here. (Please note that shuttle rentals are for UCSF Departments only. Requests are subject to availability. If they cannot accommodate your request, they provide a series of charter bus companies for service.)

Other transportation options include using one of the many UC-approved car rental agencies, or ZipCar (which UCSF has a partnership with). Rental cars can be found on the UC Connexxus site here. ZipCar can be found through UCSF Transportation Services here.

PRIDE Values
UCSF Values of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence should always be represented when out in the community. UCSF teams are representing the university while volunteering and should adhere to UCSF policies.


What is UCSF Volunteers?

The UCSF volunteers program helps to organize manager-led team volunteering activities, in which teams of UCSF colleagues volunteer together within the community.

Is UCSF Volunteers free?
Yes, it is free though you may have to pay a nominal fee to be matched with a non-profit organization if you use a service such as Hands On Bay Area or VolunteerMatch. Additionally, UCSF Volunteers does not provide transportation or supplies, of which could be a cost to the volunteering group.

Who Can Participate?
The UCSF Volunteers program is available to everyone who wants to volunteer together in a group.  If you are a student and would like more resources, please contact the Graduate & Professional Student Association. If you are a faculty member and want more information about the faculty volunteer program, contact the Alison Cleaver in the Academic Senate.

Can represented staff volunteer too?
Managers are responsible for determining whether paid time can be used for team volunteer activities, including for represented staff.

What if I want to volunteer somewhere that is not listed on UCSF Volunteers?
Please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to submit an idea for a new non-profit organization. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as we can!

What if one of my staff members gets injured while volunteering?

Please contact the UCSF Disability office. If your team is volunteering during work hours and are on salary, your staff is covered by workers compensation. If your staff is injured en route to/from work to the volunteer location, they will be covered as well. However, if they are traveling from home/elsewhere to the volunteer location, they are not covered.

I’m having problems with the site, who do I contact to fix it?

If you are experiencing issues with the site, please describe in detail the problem and send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Can I list my volunteer openings on your site?
Yes, just email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will get the process started.

I volunteer regularly on my own time. Can I start volunteering during work time?
UCSF Volunteers is intended to be a once-a-year team volunteer experience, led and planned by managers so please work with your manager to organize your activity.

Already Volunteered?

Managers will receive a survey to take after the volunteer activity. If you did not receive the survey via email, please take it here.

All UCSF volunteers are welcome to leave us additional feedback. Please press the ‘feedback’ button on the right side of the page or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please let us know what went well and what, if anything, did not.

And if you’d like to be added to our email list, please sign up here!

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