Staff Organizations

Staff Organizations

clock icon Important Deadlines
June 1, 2020 Registration Month Begins FY20-21
June 18, 2020 Watch the Orientation Presentation Recording
June 30, 2020 Last day to Register Staff RCO FY20-21
June 30, 2020 Last day to submit Funding Application for FY20-21

Registration for Staff Registered Campus Organizations is open June 1-30.

COVID-19 is impacting in-person interactions and meetings, our Staff RCO Orientation now reflects what’s being affected during this period.

Welcome to the Staff RCO page managed by Campus Life Services, Wellness and Community. If you are a new employee at UCSF and are interested in joining a Staff RCO or perhaps looking to create one yourself, please click on the compass icon to learn more about our program through our orientation presentation. The presentation serves the purpose as a reference guide for Staff RCOs to figure out any registration questions, general creation of events, and policies and procedures. If you are interested in creating your very own Staff RCO, please refer to the magnifying glass icon to watch a video tutorial on how to register your new organization, please note that registration is only available during the month of June and all new Staff RCOs must go through an Orientation. Existing Staff RCOs will also register during June, but have a different process than new Staff RCOs, please see the video tutorial section for existing RCOs. We suggest exploring the Group Portal, which can be accessed through MyAccess or you can click on the house icon below, this will lead you to the site where all registered campus organizations are managed. Lastly, if you are looking for resources, click on the folder icon to direct you to any necessary documents, such as waivers, honorariums, etc.

Why Become a Staff RCO?                                              Familiarize yourself with Group Portal
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Resources                                                                Looking to Start a Staff RCO for FY20-21?
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Registration (Closed for FY 2021)

Listed below are information and announcements for 2020-21.

Important Message: Staff RCOs that did not hold at least one organizational meeting the previous fiscal year of 2019-2020 will be ineligible for registration renewal.

Please read through all our Staff RCO Orientation Guide and UC regulations as set forth in the Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students before completing a registration form through Group Portal.


Registered Campus Organization (RCO) Registration

Any volunteer organization whose membership is comprised primarily of UCSF students, faculty, and/or students may apply for registration and receive all the benefits of a RCO. During the registration process, each RCO will be given a classification tied to its organization administrators and membership roster.

  • Interprofessional Student RCO – organization administrators who pay student services fees from three or more schools/programs
  • School-specific Student RCO – organization administrators who pay student services fees from one or two schools/programs
  • Staff RCO – organization administrators who do not pay student services fees, such as faculty, staff, postdocs, trainees, residents



In accordance with University policy, new and returning Staff Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) must register annually between June 1-30.

Be prepared with the following information before you proceed to register your RCO:

  • Organization name and acronym ** name may not begin with UCSF
  • Description and purpose of RCO ** similar RCOs will be asked to merged
  • Four organization officers ** must be UCSF staff, faculty, postdocs, trainees or residents
  • Organization portal profile and cover photo
  • Completing an online orientation ** by all four organization officers
  • Complete online minor training ** for organizations working with minors only
  • Submit participant waivers ** for recreational organizations only



Registration Process for New RCOs [video]

  • Log into Group Portal through MyAccess
  • Click on Groups Symbol (located at the top)
  • Click on “All Groups”
  • Click on “Register new Staff Group”
  • Fill out each page, including:
    • Description and purpose
    • Organization photo
    • General organization questions
    • Officers email addresses
    • Review online orientation guide
    • Answer questions about orientation
  • Click on “Submit”

Registration Process for Existing RCOs [video]

  • Log into Group Portal through MyAccess
  • Navigate to your Organization
  • Click on “Settings” (only RCO admins have access)
  • Click on “Organizational Settings” (only RCO admins have access)
  • Click on “Update Profile”
  • Fill out each page, including:
  • Click on “Finish”


Funding (Closed for FY 2021)

Listed below are information and announcements for 2020-21.

Important Message: All Staff RCOs and their officers must watch the recorded Orientation and complete the Registration Form prior to applying for funding in Group Portal. Funding applications are accepted once a year between June 1-30.

Funding Guidelines

All staff organizations may apply for funding for the following type of events:

  • Cultural events
  • Artistic events
  • Professional development
  • Recruitment & publicity
  • Organizational meetings

Eligible Expenses

  • All expenses must conform to university policies & procedures

Ineligible Expenses

  • Alcohol
  • Payments & honorariums for UC faculty, staff or students
  • Parking fees for UCSF faculty, staff or students


Funding Application

One funding application per RCO due in Group Portal between June 1-30.

  • Include all events/programs for the year
  • Describe how events/programs align with PRIDE Value tenants
  • Describe organizational goals for the year
  • Provide estimate of membership numbers (UCSF vs outside community)
  • Describe how your group will adapt its events during the pandemic
  • Confirmed understanding of funding template, interim COVID-19 policy and Staff RCO orientation presentation
  • Upload itemized funding proposal
  • Must use template:  Link to funding template

Although there is limited funding available for staff organizations, please include in the funding proposal template all desired funding in order to gather data regarding the needs of our staff groups.
We encourage your organization to seek funding from additional campus sources in addition to the general RCO Funding.

Campus Policies
Existing Staff RCO List
Video Tutorials

Need a quick video to help you solve registration or how to submit an event in Group Portal? Click on the links below to help.




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