Great People, Great Place

Great People, Great Place is an initiative launched in 2016 aimed at making UCSF a great place to work, learn, teach and discover.

Championed by Dan Lowenstein, MD, executive vice chancellor and provost, with support of the UCSF leadership team, this effort is guided by the Wellbeing Committee made up of faculty, staff and student representatives from across UCSF, and is administered by Campus Life Services.

Initiative Milestones

• Great People, Great Place endorsed and granted start up funding
• Early (3-5 year) starting priorities identified
• One set of values are adopted for UCSF: PRIDE values
• “Great place to work” question added to all major surveys
• Completion of internal communications audit
• Telecommuting committee convened; telecommuting guidelines revised
• Recognition platform launched: UCSF Recognize
• PRIDE values included in Chancellor’s Award criteria
• PRIDE values included in performance evaluations; new scoring rubric for supervisors and managers created
• Launch of Healthy Campus Network initiative and projects
• Great Manager framework developed
• Completion of internal communications enterprise team pilot

Wellbeing Committee

Executive Sponsor
Clare Shinnerl

18/19 Committee Members
Brian Alldredge
Adele Anfinson
Lisa Cisneros
Amy Day
Nancy Duranteau
Bruce Flynn
Susan Forstat
Taryn Go
Karen Hamblett
Lauren Haworth
Laura Ishkanian
Leeane Jensen
Robert Kosnik
Gil Lorenzo
Gail Mametsuka
Justin Moore
Chaitali Mukherjee
Rita Ogden
Millo Pasquini
Deborah Reiter
Barbara Sanchez
Jenny Schreiber
Diane Sliwka
Jose Watson

Committee Documents

A toolkit has been created to help promote PRIDE values and UCSF Recognize within schools and departments. PRIDE lanyards are distributed to new employees by HR at New Employee Orientation. Wellness & Community has a limited supply of lanyards and other PRIDE-related items; to inquire about availability for your team, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).