UC Walks

UC Walks

UC Walks is an annual UC-wide wellbeing event that promotes wellness and an active lifestyle. The event encourages the UCSF community to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine and reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

Learn more about UC Walks at the UC Systemwide Wellbeing Initiative Website.

UC Walks 2020 Goes Virtual!

We adapted to our environment and made UC Walks virtual! Participants could chose any method of physical activity to get at least 30 minutes of movement one day between May 13 and May 20, 2020. All participants were entered in a drawing to win a Fitbit and will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

The Results
Lisa Duca, on trampolineThank you to the 280 participants who took part in our 2020 Virtual UC Walks! We had participants from our San Francisco campuses, Emeryville, Sierra Point, Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, and UCSF Fresno. Together we completed 14,286 minutes of physical activity in one week, between May 13 and May 20. Round of applause, please!

Congratulations to Leah McCann who is the lucky winner of our FitBit drawing! T-shirt distribution to the box number you submitted will occur at a future date.

The Numbers

  • 280 Participants
  • 14,386 Movement Minutes
  • 44 Types of Physical Activity

Check out all the different ways our fellow UCSF community got their physical activity minutes. Perhaps you’ll even find a new activity you’d like to try.

Stay tuned for UC Walks in 2021 and for other walking and physical activity related events coming up in the future. Join our Wellness and Community listserve to know more.

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