Creative Ideas Shared by Our Community

Published on April 10, 2020


Creative Ideas Shared During the Shelter-In-Place Order by Our Community

  • @edenlkethegardn recommends going on a bike ride! Additionally, to try out a recipe you’ve always wanted to try (maybe baked delicata squash?).
  • @LaurenN82656709 suggests spending plenty of time giving your pets love!
  • @julia_zhang Zoomed with friends!
  • @EhrlichNP challenged herself and the kids to do jump rope every morning before homeschool.
  • @vanan_dental got creative with old art supplies that were laying in the closet.
  • @stephmackler supports families with kids at home to do Lego sets with classmates via Zoom.
  • @frenchies0335 endorses showing your loved ones just how much you adore and love them!
  • @shewriteslight proposed to take some time to propagate a plant!

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