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UCSF Documents & Media, in partnership with the UC Library, now manages the copy center in the Moffitt Undergraduate Library.

Moffitt Copy Center | Third Floor, Room 321 | 510/643-7427 | copycenter@library.berkeley.edu

If you prefer, you may place orders and upload files directly online here and you can request to pick them up conveniently on campus at the Moffitt Library Copy Center during regular business hours.

Business Cards

At a large, diverse, and decentralized university, like the University of California, Berkeley, a strong brand identity helps to project a clear and coherent message to its many internal and external audiences.
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Along with business cards, the University's stationery is designed to maintain the integrity of the campus identity and establish a professional quality stationery system to represent the institution.
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Course Readers

We serve the needs of the UC academic community by providing fair priced, high quality custom course readers for students. We are eager to be of assistance to faculty and students in pursuing academic success.
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Copy/Digital Printing

We are a full-service print, copy, and mail facility managed and operated by dedicated UC employees. Our purpose is to support the needs and enhance the mission of the University.
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Thesis & Dissertation Binding

UCSF DM provides high-quality black & white and color pages ready for durable, high-quality binding services from our partners UC Berkeley Library Bindery Services, in a one-stop online process.
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