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Sometimes, for one reason or another, you might prefer someone else handle a particular task. Well good news: if you’re a University department that would prefer print professionals handle your office printing needs, the UCSF Print Management Program is here for you. From selecting the right multifunction copier or printer to basic service and replenishment, the UCSF Print Management Program (PMP) addresses your department’s needs, saving you both time and money. So why choose UCSF PMP?

  • Avoid leasing hassles! We deal directly with vendors, saving you time and trouble, and monthly charges are based on the equipment selected and per copy use.
  • We manage equipment maintenance, reducing service calls and keeping the machines up and running.
  • No need to fuss over supplies – we supply toner or solid ink, paper, and any other consumables for all devices we manage.
  • If you’re the type that likes recycled paper, we even offer 30% or 100% post consumer content recycled paper.
  • No need for purchase orders – we’re the ones buying or leasing the equipment.
  • Cut down administrative time, as we’ll handle monthly billing, equipment payments, supply orders, and individual copy tracking.
  • UCSF PMP is the key contact for all maintenance needs – no more service costs, maintenance agreements, or technician- tracking to juggle, as we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Centrally managed print equipment means standardized models, increasing efficiencies in ordering, stocking, and maintaining our equipment.
  • Strategic partnerships with key vendors ensure our sustainability values are a priority, so we can place efficient, environmentally friendly machines in all our locations.
  • Individual access codes work on every machine, allowing your users universal access to every machine we manage for you.
  • A standardized machine manufacturer means users can easily interface with each machine, eliminating frustration and readjustment downtime.

To get started, please contact the UCSF Print Management Program team:

When contacting us to discuss a new or replacement copier or printer, please try and have the following information available: approximate average number of copies per month, approximate number of users, and approximate dimensions of the space where the device will be placed.

For more information see: UCSF Print Management Program Info.

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