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We are transitioning to a new set of more secure, modern toolsets so we will need to redirect you to the following forms to assist you with your stationery orders.
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Other Berkeley Staff & Faculty identities:
Berkeley Haas Staff Stationery
Berkeley Haas Staff Business Cards
Berkeley Law Staff Business Cards
Berkeley Law Staff Stationery
Berkeley UDAR Staff Stationery
Berkeley UDAR Staff Business Cards
Berkeley Student Business Cards:
Berkeley Main Campus Student Business Cards
Berkeley Law Student Business Cards
Goldman Student Business Cards
UC Santa Cruz Business Cards:
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Can’t find the stationery identity or item you need? Please email us at DM.Stationery@ucsf.edu

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We hold the University of California community at the center of our efforts, and confidence and trust in our products & services is our number one priority. For over 50 years we have been providing high-quality printing & copying services at a reasonable price, and as part of the UC system we understand your deadlines, budget constraints, and needs. Our purpose is to support the needs and enhance the mission of the University.

As an institutional, self-supported service provider, UCSF Documents & Media (DM) in San Francisco is able to provide high-quality printing & copying services that you are already accustomed to.

We support the University mission in the following ways:

  • A bid process is not required for University departments working with us.
  • We are not required to charge any University departments sales tax.
  • We serve as stewards to protect the printed identity of the University.
  • Our services are designed to work within an academic environment.
  • By using our services, the funds stay within the UC system.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve your needs.