Share a ride to work with 5 or more coworkers and save!

• Split commute costs
• Get free parking ($332 value)
• Drive or ride in SUV/van from Commute with Enterprise
• Move into the express lane, pay reduced tolls (if any)

Join now!

Visit: and Commute with Enterprise to explore vanpools in your area.

Take a seat in a UCSF vanpool! Current openings include:

Parnassus Heights – commuting from Vallejo, Walnut Creek, and Fairfield

Mission Bay – commuting from Fairfield, Vallejo, Vacaville, Walnut Creek, and Orinda

How it works?

Effective February 1, 2022, vanpool members rent a vehicle from UCSF’s vanpool partner Commute with Enterprise. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provides $400 a month to qualified vanpools. Plus, UCSF provides an additional $250 a month to each vanpool with at least 5 UCSF employees, to promote the use of other modes of transportation, aside from driving alone, for UCSF employees. In addition, UCSF employees can participate in the Commuter Benefits program to pay for vanpool fees using pre-tax dollars.

The average vanpool fees range from $200 to $250 per month, after factoring in the MTC and UCSF subsidies, depending on the number of people in your vanpool and the cost of your commute, which includes vehicle lease, gas, and tolls.

Starting a New Van & Current Participants

Find Your Vanpool
Start with MyCommute to find existing UCSF vanpools based on your starting location and destination. UCSF employees, students and affiliates with an @ucsf email address can utilize the UCSF MyCommute platform to match with ridesharing opportunities. When you are ready to join, log onto Enterprise to begin the application process.

Recruiting New Participants
To recruit people to start a new vanpool or fill empty seats on a current vanpool, start with MyCommute. Follow instructions in the MyCommute How To Guide to post a new vanpool in MyCommute, and to search for and communicate with carpoolers who may be interested in consolidating into a vanpool.

When at least five participants are ready to open their new vanpool route, contact Enterprise to begin the application process. Vanpool participants can request recruitment assistance from Enterprise.

Transportation will promote the program with regularly occurring communications in newsletters, webinars, on-site events (when permitted), digital signage, and targeted emails. UCSF employees, students, affiliates, and members of the public will be directed to MyCommute and Enterprise to match and connect with vanpool coordinators.

UCSF provides a monthly $250 subsidy to each vanpool with at least 5 UCSF employees, students, or affiliates with an @ucsf email address onboard; members of the public do not count towards this number. Eligibility is based on reporting submitted to Enterprise, accuracy and on-time submission is key as changes cannot be made after the submission deadline. UCSF will perform audits regularly to verify eligibility.

Every month in which a vanpool is eligible for the UCSF $250 subsidy, the dollar amount will be deducted from the Enterprise invoice and shown as a credit. Since vanpool services are paid ahead of the service month and reporting is due by the 10th day of the following month, if the roster shows that a vanpool was ineligible, $250 will be charged on the next invoice to reimburse UCSF. For example, at the end of February the Coordinator receives the March invoice with the UCSF $250 subsidy. March reporting is due April 10th, if that reporting shows that the van was ineligible for the UCSF subsidy, the May invoice will show a $250 charge.

Vanpools may participate in the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Bay Area Vanpool Program to receive a monthly $400 subsidy when eligible. Vanpools may participate in additional subsidy programs based on available and eligibility. Contact Enterprise for more information.

Designated vanpool parking spaces are available and vanpool vehicles are required to park in these spaces. If there are no designated spaces available, park in an adjacent space, report the unauthorized usage to Transportation, and enforcement will be dispatched.

Program participants who drive alone in their personal vehicle are not eligible for complimentary parking; there is no reimbursement for other accrued fees such as gas, tolls, etc., on private vehicles.