UCSF Live Shuttle

UCSF Live Shuttle

Tap into live UCSF shuttle data on the UCSF Mobile app to navigate your daily UCSF commute with ease.

• Real-time tracking & ETA’s
• Schedule & route views via interactive map
• Alerts to your mobile device 5 minutes prior to shuttle departure

Simply download the UCSF Mobile app (on the app store or on Google Play), visit the Go section, and click on the Live Shuttle icon.

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For desktop browsers, you can also access Live Shuttle on the web at:

New and improved
Based on user feedback, the Live Shuttle service has been significantly improved to provide real-time tracking data for every shuttle on every route. Upgrades included installing GPS devices on all transit vehicles, as well as developing new features on the UCSF mobile app.

UCSF’s Live Shuttle service features:

• Real-time tracking & ETA’s
Access ETAs and schedules from within the UCSF mobile app. Know the route you’re going to take and when you will arrive.

• Route & schedule views
View route schedules and set individual routes and stops as your favorites. Plan ahead and set custom alerts for your shuttle route, so you can stay productive.

• Alerts to your mobile device
From the map screen, tap the route, or swipe up to see alarm clock displayed on the right. Click the alarm clock icon, after you have selected your desired route and departure time, to receive a notification to your mobile device 5 minutes prior to the departure time.

UCSF’s Live Shuttle is designed to provide real-time shuttle data to help you easily navigate your commute.

Please let us know how it works for you. We’re listening!

Send your feedback to our Shuttle Operations team at:
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