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Increased Shuttle Service Begins Monday, Jan. 25
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Please note, we’re rolling out a new shuttle schedule design! Details are included below. We know viewing a new design can be an adjustment. For reference, the new schedules in our previous design can be found here.

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Also posted by route in the Routes & Timetables section below.

Introducing our newly redesigned shuttle map and schedules!
Several enhancements make the map and timetables easier to read and follow. Schedules now feature a route map up top and streamlined timetables, with departure times listed by hour (left column) and minute (column to the right, below stop locations). For more information please see the New Shuttle Map & Schedules section below.

Together, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19
For your safety, all passengers must wear a mask when boarding and riding the shuttle. Shuttles are limited to 12 passengers seated only in designated seats to allow space for physical distancing.

Visit Trip Planner to plan your shuttle trip. See real-time departures at on the UCSF Mobile app on the Go tab. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | 415.476.GOGO (4646)

Routes & Timetables

UCSF shuttle service is available Monday through Friday, except on university holidays.

To view schedules, click on the shuttle routes listed by color:

Parnassus Heights > Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital > Mission Bay > Mount Zion

Aldea > ACC > Library > 6th > Dental > LPPI at Parnassus Heights

Parnassus Heights > Mount Zion > Mission Bay > Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Parnassus Heights > Mission Bay

Parnassus Heights > Buchanan Dental Center (BDC) > Mission Center Building (MCB) > BART 16th & Mission Streets

View map of Lime shuttle stop locations at BART.

Parnassus Heights > St. Mary’s Hospital > Geary St. > Laurel Heights > Mount Zion

Mission Bay > BART 16th & Mission Streets

View map of the Red shuttle stop at the BART station.

Parnassus Heights > VAMC

16th St. BART Station > Mission Center Building (MCB) > 1550 Bryant St. > 20th & Harrison streets > Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital > 20th & Harrison streets

View map of Yellow shuttle stop location at BART.


***NEW*** Redesigned Shuttle Map & Schedules

Transportation is introducing a new design for the UCSF shuttle system map and shuttle timetables.

Previous Map, designed in 2005
UCSF Shuttle Map

New Map, designed in 2020 by DM The Studio Experience
UCSF Shuttle Map

Several improvements were made to map’s design to make it easier to read and understand.

The map has been designed to scale, within an outline of the city of San Francisco, to accurately show the geographic location of UCSF campuses and building sites. Major stop locations include additional detail to better highlight areas where passengers can transfer to other shuttle lines to reach their final destination. The BART logo has also been added to better show shuttle connections to the 16th Street BART station, a regional transit hub.

This is the first comprehensive redesign of the map since 2005, and it was developed by UCSF Documents & Media, The Studio Experience.

Today’s map showcases a modern design that is not only easier to follow, but also symbolizes the evolution of the UCSF transit system. Starting when students were first driven to housing at Aldea via station wagon, the UCSF shuttle system has become one of the largest and complex UC transit systems. Today, close to 100 drivers operate more than, 20 hours a day, each weekday, transporting 2.5 million riders per year.

In addition to the map, new signs at the shuttle stops also include a visual display of location-based shuttle route maps, and a guide to let riders know which bus stops on which side of the street when riders approach the main shuttle stops at Mission Bay and Parnassus Heights.

Transportation’s redesign work also includes the rollout of new simplified shuttle schedules, or timetables, that are easier for passengers to read and understand. Schedules now feature a route map at the top, which includes a visual of shuttle connections available at major campus locations, to better highlight transfer points for our riders. additionally, the timetable featured a modern design for better readability, with departure times listed by hour (left column) and minute (columns to the right, under each stop location). Lastly, we’ve included a QR code to quickly connect rider to real-time departure data via Live Shuttle.

We’re big fans of the new look, not to mention to new shuttle bus icon! If you’ve seen it, let us know what you think. Share your feedback with us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 415.476.GOGO/4646.

From the Archives – let’s explore maps!

Pre-2005 Shuttle Map
Pre-2005 Shuttle Map

2005 Redesign
UCSF Shuttle Map

2020 Redesign
UCSF Shuttle Map

Map of Shuttle Stop Locations, with Photos

View maps and photos of the UCSF shuttle stop locations at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, and the 16th Street BART Station.

Parnassus Heights

Mission Bay

16th Street BART Station


BART Connections

Faster, Easier BART connections

To better serve commuters who travel on BART, we’ve made the connection between BART and UCSF smoother and faster. Expanding service to regional transit hubs aligns with our goals to improve transportation options for UCSF staff, faculty, students, patients, and visitors. 

Parnassus Heights | BART
UCSF’s Lime shuttle route includes a stop at the 16th Street BART station to provide a direct connection between Parnassus Heights and BART (no transfer required) throughout the day.

Where to catch the Lime at BART
In the mornings, the Lime shuttle stops at BART at: 2970 16th Street (between Mission St. and Capp St.)
In the evenings, the Lime shuttle stops at BART at: 3001 16th Street (between Mission St. and Hoff St.)
For more information, view map of the Lime shuttle stop locations at BART.

Mission Bay | BART
Mission Center Building (MCB) | BART

Beginning June 1, connections between BART and Mission Bay, and BART and MCB, will be faster with increased capacity. Red shuttles will provide direct non-stop service from Mission Bay to the 16th St. BART station only, effectively making all Red shuttles Red Express shuttles. This change reflects rider feedback and ridership data collected during regular service operations, prior to COVID-19 impacts.

For MCB riders, connect to BART via the Yellow or Lime shuttles.

On-Demand Shuttle Service

The Mission Bay Jitney offers on-demand shuttle service weekdays from 8:00 am—5:00 pm to transport riders within a ½ mile of the Mission Bay campus.

To request a ride, click here or call 415.915.4283.

The after-hours and weekend on-demand service, known as the Mission Bay Local and Parnassus East/West routes, has been temporarily discontinued as of July 1, due to extremely low ridership and budget constraints. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to returning the service when ridership volume warrants reinstatement. If this causes a hardship for your commute, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Passenger guidelines

UCSF shuttles welcome UCSF faculty, staff, students, patients and patient family members on board. Please show your UCSF ID when boarding. Minors are welcome, in the company of a parent or chaperone.

Please refrain from conversations with the driver while riding on the shuttles. Drivers are not permitted to stop at any location not identified on the shuttle schedule.

As a courtesy to other passengers, please refrain from eating, drinking and cell phone conversations while riding on the shuttles.

Wherever you’re going on campus, we’ll help get you there.

Free shuttles provide transportation to UCSF faculty, staff, students, patients, patient family members, and visitors to all campus locations, including Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Mount Zion and more. All shuttles are ADA accessible and equipped with bike racks. To print the shuttle map, click here.

UCSF shuttle service is available Monday through Friday, except on university holidays.

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