Non-UCSF Programs

The following for-profit companies offer commute, car sharing, and parking alternatives. Company links are provided for informational purposes only. UCSF does not endorse or sponsor these companies, although we recognize they may offer viable commute and ridesharing alternatives for UCSF staff, faculty, and students.

Commute sustainably with these Bay Area carshare options:

Casual Carpool



Find a spot using SpotOn

Commuter Bus Service
Rideshare shuttle buses for businesses and riders:


Bay Area Bike Share
Provides a membership-based system for short-term bicycle rental in the Bay Area.

Bike Area Bike Share

Transportation Services is currently working along side the SFMTA to bring Bay Area Bike Share pods to UCSF in 2015. Due to ongoing vendor issues including the recent repurchasing of Bay Area Bike Share’s bike share station provider, as well as the repurchase of their current operation and maintenance provider, all expansions of Bay Area Bike Share have been put on hold until 2015. The SFMTA has said that the planned Mission Bay 4th street location is still included in plans for the next expansion effort of Bay Area Bike Share scheduled to resume in 2015.