Pre-Tax Transit

For UCSF employees who use non-UCSF controlled public transportation or vanpools, our Pre-Tax Savings Program allows you to make a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction up to $255.00.

In addition to helping the environment*, these pre-tax reductions enable you to:

  • Reduce transit costs an average of one-third
  • Save as much as $450 annually (actual amount based on your tax rate)
  • Get more than three months of FREE public transit each year

It is important to note that your pre-tax deduction is limited to the amount you spend on public transit or non-UCSF vanpool each month (not to exceed $255.00 per month) and that employees must authorize a post-tax deduction of $3.39 per month to help fund the cost of the program with the university’s designated pre-tax processing vendor, HR Simplified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It may take up to one month or 1-2 payroll cycles for your payroll deduction to start.  For example: enrollment amount or change of deduction received by the end of month, January 31st, will be on March 1st pay statement for monthly payroll, and for biweekly payroll it will take at least 1 to 2 pay cycles.

Ready to sign-up? Enroll online through HR Simplified.

After you enroll, you will be receiving a pre-tax Transportation benefit card.  This benefit card will allow you to pay for your non-UCSF parking expenses with the pre-tax dollars deducted from your paycheck.

Need additional information? Read through our Pre-Tax Savings Program FAQs or contact us directly by calling our Pre-Tax processing unit at 415-476-1511.

*According to our 2016 UCSF Commuter Survey, 30.2% of all staff, faculty, and students drive alone to work or school. Based on distance travel and the type of vehicle driven, the average drive alone UCSF commuter produces nearly 6,000 lbs of carbon dioxide each year (carbon dioxide, also know as CO2, is generated as a by-product of the combustion of fossil fuels). In comparison, using public transit reduces these harmful emissions by more than 95%.