Pre-Tax Savings Program

Please note that you do NOT need to enroll in this program if you currently have UCSF permit parking or vanpool expenses that are paid through UCSF payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis.


Did you know you can save up to 40% on eligible commuter expenses?  UCSF Transportation Services has contracted with Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions (ECBS), a commuter benefit management company, to administer the pre-tax program through their Commuter Check Direct (CCD) website at:

The Company ID you will need when signing up is 1550.

After you enroll, don’t forget to “place an order” (that is, choose the amount you want deducted each month pre-tax from your pay) for your anticipated parking and/or transit expenses.

Instructions to Place an Order

How it Works
The commuter benefits program allows eligible UCSF employees to set aside payroll earnings on a pre-tax basis up to the limit set by the IRS for commuter expenses.  After you sign up for the program, UCSF Payroll deducts the amount you specify from your pay before taxes are withheld.  This can save you money by reducing your taxable income.  How much you save will depend on the amount of the deductions and your tax bracket.

Beginning 2019, you can elect to have up to $265 per month deducted from your UCSF paycheck on a pre-tax basis to be used for public transportation, including vanpool, and up to an additional $265 per month for qualified parking expenses.  (In other words, you can contribute up to $530 per month of tax-free money to spend on your daily commute!)  Your pre-tax payroll deductions are placed on a debit MasterCard that allows you to make transit- and parking-related purchases at commuter terminals where debit MasterCard is accepted. Click the FAQ link below for certain exclusions. 

As you can see, commuter benefits can add up to some serious tax savings. Up to a whopping 40%!  Use the Commuter Benefits Tax Savings Calculator to see how much you could be saving each month using pre-tax dollars to spend on your everyday commuter expenses.

Are you ready to enroll?  Click here for detailed instructions on how to get started.  See ECBS Ordering Timeline for important cut-off dates.

Should you have additional questions regarding this program, please refer to or call ECBS customer service at 888-235-9223.

Please note: Do NOT contact Transportation Services regarding ANY new enrollments, cancellations or changes to elections as you must go online or call ECBS to do so.

If after reading the attached information you still have questions, please feel free to call Transportation Services at 415-476-1511.  Thank you.

Guidelines, Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Commuter Benefits? (video)
Getting Started/Why Should I Enroll?
ECBS Ordering Timeline
Commuter Benefits Tax Savings Calculator
Controller’s Office Payroll Processing Schedule
Biweekly Benefits Deduction Schedule