In San Francisco, biking is more than an alternative mode of transportation—it’s a movement. With countless routes and bike lanes leading to UCSF, we make sure you have just as many ways to get around (and stay around) when you’re on campus.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Shower Program

To make sure you understand and follow biking basics on-campus and off, we’ve gathered the best resources for the cyclist in you.

Bicycle Routes & Trip Planner
Bicycle routes wind throughout San Francisco, connecting all of the UCSF campus locations and shuttle stops.

San Francisco bike map

Find and plan a route

Bicycle Safety & Service
When biking alongside vehicular and pedestrian traffic, safety is of the utmost importance for you and those around you.

Educate yourself on bike safety

Take our bicycle safety quiz

Get roadside assistance

Bicycle Registration & Licensing
As an added layer of protection, registration stickers are required for all bicycles parked on campus in or inside UCSF bike rooms and cages.

Visit our Bicycle Parking page for more information.

Bicycle Discounts
Being part of the UCSF community gets you discounts in the greater San Francisco community.

Join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for only $25

Get even more discounts through Arts & Events

Bicycle Permits
If you have a valid UC ID, bring a completed Bicycle Permit Application to our Parnassus or Mission Bay parking office to obtain a free permit and gain access to our Parnassus, Mission Bay or Mt. Zion bike cages.

Bicycle Permit Application