When you bike to UCSF, you’ll always find a place to easily and securely park your bike. Plus, many Bay Wheels bike share locations are conveniently located near campus for quick and easy bike rentals. Check out the many resources UCSF offers bicyclists below.

Get a UCSF Bicycle Permit

To access secure bike parking at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, and Mount Zion, simply obtain a free UCSF bike permit. All you need is valid UC identification. For additional security, registration stickers are required for all bicycles parked inside UCSF bike rooms, enclosures, and lockers.

Apply for a bike permit online, and a bike permit sticker will be mailed to you. Or, visit your nearest Transportation office to complete the form and receive your permit sticker in person.

If your worksite or UCSF Housing has an interior bike room, please complete the bike permit process, then contact building management for access to the interior bike room.

Tenants of UCSF housing need to register with Transportation. Non-affiliated tenants who live in UCSF Housing should have their bike registered under the UCSF-affiliated person.

Bike Parking Locations

When you ride your bike to UCSF, you’ll always find parking. With sturdy racks or well-lit enclosures, you’ll find multiple options to easily and securely lock up your bicycle on each campus. 

To view maps by campus location, please visit our Maps & Directions webpage.

Found a spot, but not sure how to use a crank case bike rack? Watch the tutorial.

Laurel Heights – 3333 California
•  Enter through the California Street entrance and merge left when driveway forks - bike racks

Mission Bay – Multiple Locations
•  Community Center Garage, 1625 Owens Street - bike enclosure and racks
•  Genentech Hall - bike racks
•  Smith Cardiovascular Research Building - bike racks
•  3rd Street Garage - bike cage and 16 lockers
•  1835 Owens Street Garage - bike cage

Mission Center Building – 1855 Folsom Street
•  Enter parking lot on 15th between Folsom and Harrision - bike racks

Mount Zion – Multiple Locations
•  1600 Divisadero Street - bike racks on the sidewalk
•  1701 Divisadero Street - bike racks on the sidewalk
•  2655 Bush Street - bike racks on the sidewalk
•  2325 Post Street - bike enclosure
•  2330 Post Street - bike racks on the sidewalk
•  2420 Sutter Street - bike enclosure

Parnassus – Multiple Locations
•  Ambulatory Care Center, 400 Parnassus Ave - bike racks
•  Dental Clinics, 707 Parnassus Ave - bike racks
•  Kalmanovitz Library - bike racks
•  Millberry Union Parking Garage - bike enclosure

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital – Multiple Locations
•  Potrero Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd Streets, Building 80 - bike racks
•  Potrero Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd Streets, Building 5 hospital main entrance - bike enclosure (Register with ZSFG) and racks

Veterans Hospital – 4150 Clement Street
•  Rack located between the main hospital and Ambulatory Care Clinics/Diagnostic Services/Pharmacy buildings

Safety Tips

Tips to prevent bike theft

Please be aware of the following steps you can take to help prevent bike theft.

• Close the bike enclosure door behind you
• Do not allow entry to others
• Everyone must scan their own ID badge for entry
• Lock your frame (U-lock or heavy NYC chain) and secure your wheel

Report unauthorized entry, suspicious activity, or a stolen bike to:

UCSF Police Department

Bike Parking Policy, Abandoned Bikes & Lock Cutting Service

Bike Parking Policy
1. Bicycles brought on campus must be parked in designated bicycle parking areas only, those parked in enclosures, lockers, and interior rooms must display a UCSF permit.
2. Bicycles parked in non-designated areas are subject to removal and impoundment.
3. Bicycles may not be stored in secured areas and will be tagged for removal and impoundment if they are not moved for a consecutive 7-day period.
4. Bicycle locks may not be attached to storage racks unless they are securing a bicycle. Locks not securing bicycles will be tagged and removed.
5. Bicycles that are impounded will be held for 90 days and the owner of record, if known, will be notified by email. Owners may reclaim bicycles from Transportation during this time with appropriate identification. Thereafter, the bicycle shall become the property of the University. A $50 storage/impound fee will be required to reclaim the bicycle out of impoundment.
View the full UCSF Campus Administrative Policies, Parking, section L. Bicycle Parking.

Lock Cutting Service
If your bike is on UCSF Property, and you have lost your bike keys or your bike lock is malfunctioning, Parking Operations can help (proof of ownership via bike registration is required). The lock cutting service is available by appointment only. Call the Parking Operations for Parnassus/Mount Zion at 415.476.2566 or Mission Bay at 415.476.1511 for more information or to make an appointment.

Lock cutting service is often needed because a bike owner suddenly discovers that the key will not turn in the lock, or the key breaks off in the lock when the owner tries to force it open. To prevent “stuck” locks, the following steps are recommended to be followed at least once a year or more often if your bike spends a lot of time in the rain:
• Drip several drops of machine oil (or chain lube) onto the lock mechanism
• Turn the key back and forth a few times to get the oil between the moving parts

Bicycle Routes & Trip Planner
UCSF Bikes!

UCSF Bikes!
Connect with fellow bicycle enthusiasts and help to promote the UCSF bike culture. UCSF Bikes is a great resource for sharing tips, learning about security and safety, and discovering ways to get involved in bicycle events in the community.

Connect on Microsoft Teams with code: kvr69r4, on Slack, follow the UCSF Bikes! event calendar, and link to Strava .

Showers & Resources

UCSF Fitness and Recreation offers a Bike to Work Shower Pass for employees with a current UCSF bike permit. Contact Fit Rec’s .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been transforming San Francisco streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Get more information on maps and routes, bicycle law, urban bicycling workshops, theft and locking, issues and improvements, bike parking, and bikes on public transit.

SFMTA Bicycling in San Francisco
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is a great resource for information about getting around on two wheels in the city.

511 SF Bay
511 is your go-to resource for information about bike commuting, maps and routes, bicycle access, safety, and cycling organizations throughout the Bay Area.


Bay Wheels
Bay Wheels bikes and e-bikes are now available on the Lyft app.

Visit Lyft for more information.

Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, dial 911
To report hazardous road or bike path conditions, call 311
To report bike theft or accidents, call Campus Security Police at 415.476.1414

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