Scoop Carpool

Mission Bay Lunch and Learn Event
UCSF Transportation Services and Scoop (on-demand carpooling service) will host two lunch and learn event at the Mission Bay campus.  Please join us to learn more about how Scoop may be a viable transportation option for you.  Meeting information below.

Thursday September 6th, 2018 and Tuesday September 11th, 2018
12:00 – 1:00 pm
UCSF Mission Bay:  Rock Hall Room 102

Carpool and save with Scoop

You need to drive or ride to work. We get it. So does Scoop!

Scoop is a new app that matches commuters driving into the San Francisco Mission Bay Area from the north, south, and east bay with other passengers or drivers going your way to work and home.

The Scoop app not only matches you with fellow out-of-city commuters, but also calculates everyone’s share of the ride depending on a variety of factors including whether you’re a driver or passenger, the distance, and schedule. The Scoop app also identifies the most efficient door-to-door trip based on the fastest route, nearby carpoolers, carpool lanes, and more. To ensure a safe community, Scoop automatically runs a motor vehicle history check when a user schedules their first drive, and encourages Scoop users to give feedback on every trip to make better matches in the future.

Introductory discounted rate
UCSF commuters who download the app and register using their UCSF email, and enter UCSF Mission Bay as their start or ending destination, can take advantage of special discounted rates.* 

Riders pay a reduced rate to ride, which varies by pick up and drop off location. Drivers earn $ for each rider driving to and from the north, east, or south bay to the UCSF Mission Bay campus. That’s a commuter win-win. Plus, by sharing the ride you help to reduce congestion and support a greener environment.

Download the Scoop app
• Schedule your carpool & get matched
• Ride or drive, and split the cost between driver and passengers

*This limited time offer is for UCSF Mission Bay commuters and is part of a one-year pilot program ending in June 2019. Prices are subject to change after pilot.

For more information, view the FAQ.

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