Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Start at UCSF’s
2. Registration is quick and easy
3. Save your commute as a Favorite Trip will allow you to connect with fellow carpoolers

Carpool Parking Permit Program

Currently, if you are eligible for parking and you’re a carpool member, you can purchase carpool parking permits on a pre-tax basis and gain access to spaces reserved exclusively for carpoolers.

A single-driver parking permit costs $312 per month. When you carpool, you can share the cost of the permit to reduce your overall commute expenses.

Rules & Regulations

To qualify for a carpool parking permit, the following criteria is required:
- At least one member of the carpool must be eligible for a parking permit, see Parking Permit section for eligibility information
- Each carpool needs a minimum of two people to qualify
- Carpool permits can be used when there are two or more occupants in the vehicle at the time the vehicle pulls into the parking stall
- A carpool permit holder is not required to carpool with a particular individual(s) but the permit holder must be present in vehicle with two occupants when pulling into the parking stall
- Reserved stalls are available for carpool permit holders. Carpool permit holders must use these stalls when parking on weekdays:
Parnassus – ACC Garage, P4 Floor, 15 spaces
Parnassus – Surge/Wood Lot, 20 spaces
Mt. Zion – 2420 Sutter Street Garage, 1st Floor, 9 spaces
Laurel Heights – Westside Lot, 1 space
Mission Bay – 3rd Street Garage, Ground Floor, 11 spaces
Mission Bay – Community Center Garage, Ground Floor, 7 spaces
- To be eligible for a carpool permit in the Surge and Woods lots your primary worksite must be the Parnassus campus, you must have a valid UCSF employee ID number, and an “active” UCSF employee status

Public Carpool Options

Casual Carpool
Meet up at more than 20 designated pick-up locations to form a casual carpool over the Bay Bridge. For more information, please visit

Scoop matches commuters with other passengers or drivers going your way and calculates everyone’s share of the ride. Riders pay a reduced rate to ride, which varies by pick up and drop off location. Drivers earn money for each rider driving to and from the north, east, or south bay. That’s a commuter win-win.

Waze Carpool
Waze Carpool lets you choose to drive or ride with people already going your way. Use the Waze app to drive and catch a ride.

Lyft Shared and Uber Pool
Lyft Shared and Uber Pool offer ridesharing services that pair you with other passengers who are traveling along the same route. Plus, these rides are eligible for payment with your pre-tax commuter benefits.