Alternative Transportation

Explore your commute options, or make plans to share a ride.

Start with to find sustainable transit options that are custom tailored to your unique starting location and destination. Included are options for carpool, vanpool, public transit, biking and more. See more information in the MyCommute section below.

Have you heard about UCSF’s vanpool program?

We are actively seeking riders for existing vanpools that travel to/from:
• Vallejo and Hercules to MCB, Oyster Point, Mission Bay, Parnassus, Mount Zion and Laurel Heights
• Walnut Creek to Mission Bay
• Sacramento/Elk Grove to Emeryville and Parnassus
• North Bay/Windsor, Rohnert Park and Petaluma to Mission Bay and Parnassus
• Vacaville and Fairfield to Parnassus
• Pittsburg and Walnut Creek to Parnassus

Start here:

Start with to plan your daily UCSF commute with ease. MyCommute is an online commute planning tool that helps you find transit options that are custom tailored to your unique starting location and destination, including carpool, vanpool, public transit, biking, and walking. Registration is quick and easy, get started today.


Share your ride with fellow UCSF staff and students and save money on your commute expenses. A vanpool group consists of 6 or more individuals who live in same area and have similar work schedules. And, with reserved parking, you are guaranteed to park with ease upon arriving at UCSF.

Visit UCSF Vanpool to find a vanpool in your area.


Save money and park with ease when you share your commute to UCSF. Parking eligible carpool members can purchase carpool parking permits on a pre-tax basis and gain access to spaces reserved exclusively for carpoolers.

Ready to find other people to carpool with? Visit UCSF Carpool to learn more.

Share a Car

Zipcar is a car-sharing program, an alternative to car ownership that gives you wheels when you want them, a variety of vehicles types to chose from, and options to rent by the hour or day. Transportation partners with Zipcar to bring car-sharing to campus. UCSF members can join for $15; after the first year, members will pay an annual membership fee of $25.

- Cars are self-service and on-demand (the keys are right inside the cars!)
- Gas, maintenance, insurance, and up to 180 miles of driving per day are included
- Rates starting as low as $8.50 per hour and $77 per day
- Vehicles are available on UCSF’s campus and Zipcars have designated parking spots for convenient pick-up and return
- Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to faculty, staff,  and student members

How it Works
Join: Apply online at UCSF’s Zipcar website.
It only takes a few minutes. Once you’re approved, you get your very own Zipcard
Reserve: Reserve a car online or use the mobile app
Unlock: Walk to the car, and hold your Zipcard to the windshield and the doors unlock
Drive: Drive away and return the Zipcar to the same reserved parking spot at the end of your reservation

Any 18+ students or 21+ faculty and staff can apply, so long as they’ve been a licensed driver for at least one year; this also includes international users. After the quick online application is completed, Zipcar runs a driving record check. Once approved, the applicant receives a Zipcard in less than a week and can begin making reservations. Apply online at UCSF’s Zipcar website.

Departmental Accounts
UCSF departments can create departmental accounts with the convenience of direct billing for the Zipcar service.  Authorized employees may reserve and use Zipcars to facilitate university business using their departmental accounts and save the time and energy required to submit reimbursement requests. Using a UCSF Zipcar departmental account is a convenient way for employees to access a vehicle for university business when they have to travel off-site for meetings, work or need to transport equipment. Using this option can save departments substantial amounts of capital and operational expenses by forgoing the need to purchase vehicles for the occasional business need vs simply renting a vehicle by the hour.

Zipcar Locations & Vehicles Available
Laurel Heights Campus - 2 vehicles
Mission Bay 3rd Street Garage - 3 vehicles
Mission Center 15th/Folsom - 4 vehicles
Mount Zion Scott/Bush - 2 vehicles
Parnassus Kirkham/5th - 1 vehicle
Parnassus Millberry Union - 6 vehicles
Indiana/19th St. - 1 vehicle

For more information, please visit the UCSF Zipcar website.


UCSF encourages telecommuting from home offices to create a supportive work environment.


Going Green: EV & Green Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and priority parking spaces are available for Green Cars.

Electric Vehicle & Green Cars

Public Transportation & Pass Sales

Public Transportation & Pass Sales
It’s easy to get to UCSF by public transit from most San Francisco Bay Area locations. Muni buses and light rail provide direct service to most parts of campus. If you’re visiting UCSF from outside San Francisco you can use Caltrain, BART, Golden Gate Transit, or Golden Gate and Tideline Ferry for quick and convenient connections to Muni.

Public Transportation & Pass Sales

Pre-Tax Savings Program
The commuter benefits program allows eligible UCSF employees to set aside payroll earnings on a pre-tax basis to use towards public transit expenses.  Using pre-tax money on eligible commuting expenses can save you 30-40% by reducing your taxable income. Use the pre-tax commuter benefit savings card to pay for Muni, Caltrain, BART, Golden Gate Transit, or Golden Gate Ferry, and others; for additional convenience and time savings, connect your pre-tax commuter benefit savings card to a Clipper card.

Pre-Tax Savings Program

Parking Options: for when you rarely drive

UCSF Transportation Services offers single-day daytime parking permit for commuters who use alternative commuting options. These single-day “D” permits are available to UCSF faculty, staff, and students who commute to UCSF by an alternative transportation mode at least 4 of 5 days per week or 80% of their total commute to UCSF. “Alternative transportation” includes vanpool, bicycle, and/or public transit; you must be a registered user of the vanpool, bicycle permit, or pre-tax commuter benefit programs.

D Permit Policies
D Permit Application

We’ll Get You Home in an Emergency

We understand that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. When they happen while you’re at work, the UCSF Employee Emergency Ride Home program makes sure you’re covered.
Emergency Ride Home


Hills are no deterrent to walkers in pedestrian and mass-transit friendly San Francisco. Clean air, museums, and the highest rate of mass-transit usage in the country make San Francisco one of America’s best walking cities.

Walking Maps

Walking Safety

Walking Advocacy

Walk with UCSF
UC Walks is a Systemwide WellBeing Initiative program that is coordinated by the wellness programs at each campus and health system. UC Walks promotes wellness and an active lifestyle by encouraging faculty, staff and retirees to take time out of their day to walk. The event also builds community and campus spirit throughout the UC system.

Get more information at UC Walks.

Want to walk with fellow UCSF community members during your workday? Living Well at UCSF can help you get in step.

Give yourself more time to rest and relax before and after work by leaving the driving to someone else. Wherever you’re coming from (or going to) in the Bay Area, we have many options for those who want alternatives to driving and public transit.

For more information, contact:

Georgina Arias, Transportation Demand Manager
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