Part I: Caring for Our Customers

By Sophia Labeko on May 20, 2020


In this two-part story, we’re shining the light on our behind-the-scenes colleagues who are imperative for our strong customer relations. In this first story, we’re focusing on the trio who supports shuttle customer queries. In our next issue, we will share stories from the parking customer support team.

At UCSF Transportation, we have a team that supports our community’s daily transportation needs. Shuttle routes and schedules are developed and adjusted with riders in mind, and we’re always looking for new and improved alternative transportation options to connect our riders to campus locations and regional transit hubs.

While you might meet and recognize our shuttle drivers and parking staff, some some of our team members provide service over the phone or via email.

Meet Amelia Broadhurst, Nelson Lum, and Zulma Montesinos, our trusted shuttle services customer support trio.

During their busiest days, they will answer up to 20 calls and many more emails, in addition to other duties. The trio answers questions and solves problems for shuttle riders who are looking for help with trip planning, shuttle schedules, on-demand shuttle service, or even locating passengers’ lost belongings.

On one such occasion, Zulma pursued a set of keys for three days. The story started when a passenger left his keys behind upon disembarking the shuttle at his stop. When he realized the keys were missing, he called the hotline and informed Zulma of the loss. The keys, equipped with a GPS keychain, should be effortless to locate. Right? The speedbump was that the locator was showing an arbitrary location. A location that the shuttles don’t travel to. Trusting the passenger’s reckoning, Zulma and her supervisor tracked the movement of the keys for three days. They watched them go between different campuses and once a day visit Mission Bay. Finally, the timing aligned, and they were able to search the shuttling. Eventually finding them on the way out, hiding in plain sight, on the dashboard.

The passenger and his mom, who made check-in calls to Zulma, while her son was at work, were so pleased with the reunion. After all, the keys opened the door to the apartment building and their definite loss would have impacted all the neighbors.

If customers call to report issues or express dissatisfaction, the team is ready to listen and offer solutions. Nelson notes the importance of “displaying kindness, and patience with each other,” especially during particularly stressful times.

UCSF Transportation Services commissions many tools for effortless commuting. The trio shared their top recommendations:

  • UCSF Mobile app: dedicated section for transportation, including live shuttle tracking. You can watch the shuttle move on the app, as it’s approaching you.
  • ETA newsletter: keeps you in the loop on important news and alerts. You can sign-up via

Having access to both of these tools certainly prepares you to be a savvy commuter. If you run into a hitch call or email the trio, they’d be happy to assist.