Daniel Maffei Stays Cool

By Sophia Labeko on April 27, 2020


Daniel Maffei, a fairly new in-house shuttle driver packs ten years of experience that makes him more than qualified for the job. Besides the technical skills, what makes Daniel a great addition to our workforce is his kind and caring nature. After all, our shuttles transport everyone from bustling students to patients trying to make their appointment, and kindness goes a long way for all.

Daniel drives any one of the University’s 11 shuttle routes on any given day. Sometimes, he will drive one route in the morning and a different one in the evening. “I like that right now. It’s a variety, and I get to see so many different people.”

In his own words, Daniel should have been working for UCSF a long time ago.

“This is a really good place. The staff, the coworkers and the passengers are nice. They’re really nice.”

Driving in a metropolitan city always comes with a unique set of challenges. Between navigating sudden street closures and traffic, to pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders, there’re many reasons to stress and even honk. How does Dan stay so cool? Well, for one, he grew up in the City and knows its streets like the back of his hand. Secondly, he understands that his passengers and their safety are his priorities and doesn’t let the external factors distract him from that. “You take your time and watch what you’re doing. You really have to be vigilant. My job is to get there in a safe and timely manner.”

In a mere six months, Daniel’s excellent customer service, professionalism, and skill have impressed quite a few passengers. On one such occasion, they witnessed him navigate a stressful situation of being blocked in by a vehicle, at a shuttle stop. After a few laser-focused minutes and with the help of the back-up camera, they were on their way. As luck would have it, they didn’t get far. A semitruck going up a steep hill blocked their way and halted all the traffic. Though all this commotion was stressful, Daniel remained composed; and now just laughs about the chaotic few blocks.

When Daniel is not driving the shuttle, he’s either taking care of his stepdad by running errands and keeping him company or fishing. Yes, he’s an avid fisherman, who enjoys the peace and calmness that it brings.

Next time you see Daniel, know you’re in good hands and also say hi.