Calendar of Event & Traffic Alerts (ETA)

Published on August 11, 2019

The “transit first” philosophy, shared by UCSF, Chase Center, and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), encourages the use of public transportation. However, on the busiest days, we still expect traffic congestion and provide a calendar to help UCSF commuters plan.

To see what’s happening at a glance, view the calendar at Here you can choose a calendar view setting that works best for you - see a month at-a-glance view, or choose to see a listing of events happening for the upcoming week. Red indicates expected traffic delays near the start and end time of the event. Yellow indicates possible delays due to an event on the weekdays, and yellow also identifies all weekend events.

Subscribe to See the ETA Calendar on your Outlook Calendar
To subscribe (or sync) the ETA calendar, please follow these steps:

1. Sign in to webmail, your UCSF account on, using a web browser.
2. On the bottom left, click on the calendar icon
3. In the navigation pane on the left, click on “Import calendar”
4. Under the same navigation pane, select “From web”
Image of subscripton process

5. Copy and paste webcal:// under “Link to the calendar”
6. Type the name you want to use for the calendar under “Calendar name”
7. Click “Import” to complete the subscription process
8. The desktop Outlook app should synchronize upon refreshing

Depending on your Outlook settings, this process may take up to an hour to complete. Please be sure to give yourself enough time to complete the download.

For more information, visit: