The eateries at UCSF are more than just places to have a quick bite or a cup of coffee, they are destinations where the entire community can meet and relax.

From bagels and burritos to pizza and pot stickers, UCSF Retail Services eateries offer quality food and beverages at affordable prices, conveniently located across the five UCSF locations. Vending machines, at every campus, provide quick snacks and beverages.

Visit one of our establishments today and discover the convenience, value, and variety of dining at UCSF.

Dine Green—Thanks to UCSF Recycling!

In partnership with UCSF Recycling, Retail Services provides compost, recycle, and garbage stations at all food vendor locations. Our combined efforts not only encourage our campus community to think and live more sustainably, but they also help us achieve UC’s system-wide goal to divert garbage waste by 75% in June 2012, and by 100% in June 2020.

UC Recycling’s commitment to zero waste by 2020 is much more involved than just getting people to compost and recycle after a meal; they are also “promoting best practices in recycling and waste management throughout UCSF.” With a small staff of four, Recycling has made a big impact at UCSF by educating staff, students, and customers, and helping each campus expand sustainability efforts.

Thank you UCSF Recycling for turning our campus—and planet—into a better place to work, learn, and live. Through their example, we’re making life better here.

Learn more about the UCSF Sustainability Program and find easy ways to become more sustainable in your office and at home on the Living Green website.

                                                          Living Green

In addition, all Retail Services’ foodservice vendors are required to maintain superior Health & Cleanliness standards and are inspected regularly by SFDPH or EH&S.  For health and safety information on Retail Services’ vendors, please visit the EH&S website and SFDPH website.  All safety scores are posted at each respective vendor location.