CLS Engage Charter

CLS Engage was created by the 2017-18 CLS Leadership Development Cohort. It serves as a tool for the CLS Engagement Action Committee and frontline staff. The site will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the CLS Engagement Action Committee and our organization. Below is a copy of the CLS Engage Charter.

CLS Engage Charter

I. Vision:
University of California, San Francisco Campus Life Services is the most engaged staff on campus.

II. Strategic Goals:
1) Promote a culture of shared engagement practices
a) Provide resources for encouraging engagement actions
b) Simplify engagement action plans

2) Build a people-centered culture across CLS
a) Promote and champion ideas from all CLS staff
b) Encourage participation and engagement involvement through storytelling

3) Steering committee & website development 
a) Provide support and services, which enhance employee wellbeing.
b) Foster outreach to underserved communities.
c) Engage and challenge every employee to be their best self.

III. Purpose:
1. Increase visibility and promotion of engagement action plans.
2. Promote engagement actions and streamline processes for ease of use.
3. Champion staff voices and ideas.

IV. Governance:

The Engagement Steering Committee will be tasked with building the structure for success. With support from the Office of Wellbeing and Great People Development Manager, Elicia Rozic, all CLS departments will be represented on the Steering committee. The governance committee will develop an action plan that outlines a path forward for website development, marketing/branding, and staff involvement.

V. Responsibilities:

Engagement Committee
The Engagement Action Committee will work closely with the Office of Wellbeing and make recommendations for continued ownership after the first 6 months of the committee working together. The committee will ensure that stakeholders from all departments and levels of CLS are involved and consulted.

The charge of this initiative is to:

● Design and develop a means to promote CLS engagement action plans, best practices and bright ideas.
● Collaborate with Managers and Staff to identify current practices and desired outcomes.
● Evaluate what engagement means to each department.
● Prioritize strategies based on impact and overall difficulty to implement.
● Create the framework for a branding and comminutions plan that will effectively promote the available resources.
● Develop metrics that enable the initiative to be tracked for success.
● Recommend next steps to CLS Leadership.

Consisting of CLS departments, stakeholders will be a mixture of managers and frontline staff. Representation will be recruited from Transportation, Fitness & Wellness, Facilities, Retail, Housing, Business & Tech, Documents & Media, & Sustainability. Also, the committee will source representation from outside CLS after 6 months.

Executive Sponsors; Cathleen Stugard, & Elicia Rozic
● Receive updates on CLS Engage Initiative progress from Steering committee co-chairs.
● Review progress and strategy development on a quarterly basis.
● Provide feedback and recommendations to the CLS Engage Committee.
● Act as a liaison between members of senior leadership and the Central Wellbeing Committee.

VI.  Initiative operations:

The CLS Engage Committee will meet monthly for approximately 1.5 hours to develop details of the initiative, draft the parameters of the website content, and review existing data within CLS engagement. This meeting structure will continue for 1 year and will be re-evaluated after they year is completed.

Decision Making
● The CLS Engage Steering Committee will make decisions based on consensus and will be guided by data and UCSF stakeholder participation. 
● Recommendations and requests pertaining to priorities will be made by CLS Wellness and executive sponsors.

The CLS Engage Committee will develop five metrics in order to gauge the success of this initiative. The development of these metrics will consist of both quantitative and qualitative measures. Also, specific deliverables will also be created during each meeting to continue the forward movement of the engagement initiative.

The Engage Steering Committee will create the following:
● Website storyboard and design
● Bright ideas template and process design
● Best practices guide.

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