Recognize, a UCSF-wide recognition program, allows any UCSF employee to recognize any other UCSF employee.

Regular, meaningful recognition not only helps staff feel valued, but it can also improve productivity, increase loyalty, inspire collaboration – all positives that help boost a culture of recognition and wellbeing at UCSF.

And did you know that you could win prizes? The more Recognizes you send and receive, the more chances you have to win some cool swag! Drawings are done monthly.

So what are you waiting for? Recognize a colleague today! You can do this by sending them a digital card or an email, by printing out a card from the printable card templates, or by putting up a Gratitude Tree and adding a ‘leaf’. Recognitions that are sent digitally or via email with cc: to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) will be included in a live PUBLIC feed on the Recognize website.

Visit to give recognition and to learn more. (MyAccess log-in required.)

Make your recognition meaningful:
Be relevant: Send your thanks as soon as you can.
Be specific: Tell your colleague why their action is being noticed.
Talk about their results: Explain not just what was done, but also why it was worthy of recognition.
Make it individual: The contribution was unique, so take the extra moment to explain how and make it unique to that employee.
Tell a story: Tell the story of their success and use emotionally evocative language that captures the sequence of events and their hard work.
Consider your words: Language has tremendous power. Choose your words carefully and make your message impactful.

Build giving recognition into your daily habits:
Set a regular calendar reminder for yourself.
Make it a habit, not only in writing, but also with your coworkers verbally as well. The more you do it, the more you will do it in all ways!
Bookmark on your desktop or put a shortcut on your phone.
Download and display a Gratitude Tree in your office or break room.
Print a stack of printable cards to have them on hand and write one or more every day.
Choose one day of the week which you dedicate to giving recognition; Thu(R)sday or F(R)iday, perhaps!

For more tips and examples, read this Harvard Business Review article, “How to Give and Receive Compliments at Work”