Chancellor Hawgood’s Visit with CLS Managers

Published on May 04, 2015


During our hour with the Chancellor last week, we began with a slideshow gallery about you, yes – you!  Here’s a link to the gallery (best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox), which features short stories about the work that “CLSers” do. Although we didn’t have time to capture a slide from every area in CLS, our goal was to emphasize a few and make the Chancellor feel confident that the CLS team is ready, willing, and able to help solve UCSF’s biggest challenges. The speakers “nailed it,” and I’m very proud of the message each of them instilled in the Chancellor.

We then turned to the Chancellor who spent 30 minutes eloquently explaining (with the lovely Australian accent) the five pillars that distinguish UCSF:  teaching, research, clinical care, service to our community, and a supportive work environment. 

He explained that UCSF’s charge is shifting from caring for the sick to ensuring population health. For years, healthcare institutions were compensated for treating the sick and, in the case of UCSF, treating patients with the most complex and severe illnesses. Moving forward, compensation to hospitals is much more about preventing disease and keeping people healthy, a change mainly driven by the new Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). For this reason, the Chancellor asked us to discontinue referring to our hospitals and clinical care practices as the “Medical Center” and start referring to them as “UCSF Health.”

Another major change cited by the Chancellor is the rapid blending between healthcare and technology. UCSF has a geographical advantage to foster connections with some of the world’s most advanced technology companies, and the Chancellor noted mutual interests between UCSF and several Silicon Valley giants, including Google and Facebook. He asked the CLS team how many of us were wearing “fitbits,” and used this device as one example of the union between healthcare and technology.

In terms of what these shifts mean to the work we do in CLS, I’d say we’re already on the right track. We need to continue: to provide affordable options in and accessibility to housing, childcare, retail, etc. so that UCSF can recruit and retain top talent; to keep our facilities safe, clean, and modern so that we all feel good about the physical environment in which we work; to facilitate transportation and parking, so that getting to-and-from our different campuses and getting to work remains manageable; to steward our ever-rising brand, such as through the services we provided in Documents and Media; and to champion a supportive work environment through Arts & Events, Fitness & Recreation, and Wellness at UCSF.

Since Chancellor Hawgood has been a member of the UCSF community for 32 years, he is familiar with the work we do in CLS. However, I thought we “upped” his understanding by having a chance to meet with him. When he commented at the end of our session that he values our work, I know it was heartfelt.