Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

UCSF Housing Services’ mission is to provide housing and related services to Students, Postdocs, Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Faculty. The following groups were identified as a priority by the campus Long Range Development Plan and the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Housing. These priority groups are not determined solely by the department of Housing Services.

Please be advised that UCSF tenants are subject to 2-year term limits in campus housing. Term limits are cumulative in a lifetime, regardless of university affiliation or break in tenancy.

A change in eligibility status, to an ineligible title code or affiliate group, during the term of an Agreement will render the Tenant no longer eligible for housing.  Tenants will have 30 days from the date of graduation or disaffiliation from their status to move out (vacate) their unit, even if they are continuing at UCSF.


Persons who are enrolled in, or have been accepted to, and have submitted intent to enroll in the following programs. Enrollment is verified through UCSF Registrar. Graduation, withdrawal or dismissal from these programs terminates housing eligibility.
▪ ATCR (Advanced Training In Clinical Research) Certificate Program (credit program only / non-credit program is not eligible)
▪ Dentistry
▪ Graduate Division
▪ JMT (Joint Medical Training program with Berkeley)
▪ Medicine
▪ Medicine SJV-PRIME program
▪ MSTP (Medical Sciences Training Program)
▪ Nursing
▪ Pharmacy
▪ Physical Therapy
▪ Postbaccalaureate Program

Students who take a LOA (maximum 1 year) for a UCSF-related internship that is integral to their academic program will remain eligible for Housing up to their term limit.  Examples:  Pathway to Discovery Program, Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration.

PLEASE NOTE: “Students” who are visiting from other universities—and who are not enrolled via the UCSF Registrar’s office in one of the above programs—are not eligible for university housing. “Students” who are in a program that is not enrolled via the UCSF Registrar’s office are not eligible for university housing.


Persons who currently hold UCSF Postdoctoral Scholar positions, or have been offered positions to start within 60 days, in the following UCSF payroll titles, whether paid or unpaid. These titles must be verified through employee payroll (OLPPS) for UCSF Postdoctoral Scholars. Postdoctoral scholars in affiliated programs (HHMI, Gladstone, NCIRE) are eligible with departmental verification of their postdoc status. Disaffiliation from these title codes terminates housing eligibility.

3252 Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee
3253 Postdoctoral Scholar-Fellow
3254 Postdoctoral Scholar-Paid Direct
3255 Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee NEX
3256 Interim Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee
ATOM Postdoctoral fellows who are funded by Frederick National Labs and supervised by a UCSF mentor
Gladstone Postdoctoral Scholar
HHMI Postdoctoral Research Associate
NCIRE-funded Postdoctoral Research Scholar (VA)

PLEASE NOTE:“Specialists”, “Researchers” and “Teaching Assistants” are not eligible under the Postdoctoral Scholar title codes. Postdocs become ineligible for campus housing when they leave the postdoc title code appointment. Tenants will need to terminate their campus Housing within 30 days of leaving the postdoc appointment, even if they continue working or studying at UCSF.

Residents and Clinical Fellows

Persons who hold positions in—or have been offered positions and will begin employment within 60 days in—the following title codes. These titles must be verified through employee payroll (OLPPS). Disaffiliation for any reason from these title codes terminates housing eligibility.
2708 Residents PGY-I (Medical)
2709 Resident Physician I
2715 Clinical Psychology Pre-Doc Trainee
2723 Resident Physician II-VII
2724 Residents PGY-II through PGY-VII (Medical)
2726 Fellows
2732 Fellows
2727 Residents (Dentistry)
2737 Residents (Dentistry)
2728 Residents PGY1 (Pharmacy practice)
2729 Residents PGY2 (Pharmacy second year specialties)
2733 Other Post MD Trainees (Non-ACGME Fellows) II-IX
2736 Resident Physician Subspecialty (ACGME Fellows) IV-IX
2740 Non-Physician Clinical Trainee

PLEASE NOTE:“Residents” in title code 3240 POSTGRAD RES——- - FISCAL YR will be verified as “Students” and must be enrolled via the UCSF Registrar (see Students section).


The focus of the Faculty Housing program is to provide housing for the recruitment and retention of UCSF faculty members. Faculty housing is offered by the University to be a transitional help to faculty members as they search for off-campus housing. It is not intended as long-term or as “permanent” rental property.

Faculty appointments must be at least 50% paid FTE in any one of these eligible title codes, and verified through employee payroll (OLPPS). The faculty member is automatically ineligible for campus housing if he or she leaves the faculty title code series appointment for any reason, even if she or he remains affiliated with UCSF.

1721 Professor HCOMP
1110 Professor - FISCAL YR
1726 Prof In Res HCOMP
3251 Professor In Residence - FY
1453 Prof of Clinical_HCOMP
1450 Professor of Clincal_FY
1730 Adjunct Prof HCOMP
3259 Adjunct Professor - FISCAL YR
1734 HS Clin Prof HCOMP
2010 HS Clinical Professor - FISCAL YR

1719 Associate Professor HCOMP
1210 Assoc Professor - FISCAL YR
1725 Assoc Prof in Res HCOMP
3261 Assoc Prof In Residence- FY
1454 Assoc Prof if Clincal_HCOMP
1451 Assoc Prof Of Clinical_FY
1733 HS Assoc Clin Prof HCOMP
2030 HS Assoc Clin Professor-FISCAL YR
1729 Assoc Adjunct Prof HCOMP
3269 Assoc Adjunct Professor - FY

1717 Assistant Professor HCOMP
1310 Asst Professor - FISCAL YEAR
1724 Asst Prof In Res HCOMP
3271 Asst Prof In Residence - FY
1455 Asst Prof of Clincial_HCOMP
1452 Asst Prof of Clincial_FY
1732 HS Asst Clin Prof HCOMP
2050 HS Asst Clin Professor-FISCAL YR
1728 Asst Adjunct Prof HCOMP
3279 Asst Adjunct Professor - FY

1715 Instructor HCOMP
1723 Instructor In Res HCOMP
1731 HS Clin Instructor HCOMP
2070 HS Clinical Instructor-FISCAL YR
1727 Adjunct Instructor HCOMP
3289 Adjunct Instructor - FISCAL YR