House Hunters Help

The off-campus housing search can be challenging in the San Francisco rental market.  Here are some helpful resources to look for your new home.

Beware of Scams
The internet is full of scams for housing.  Here are some tips to help avoid some of those scams

Know Your Rights
This is the California Tenant Guide for your reference. 

Create a Resume
Present yourself in a way that makes a landlord want to choose you to rent their property.  Show them that you have a strong history of responsibility by creating your resume. Here is a sample resume to use to create your own.

Questions to ask about a rental property
Here is a list of some question to ask a potential landlord about the property they are renting. 

Have a pet you want to live with?
Finding a place that is pet-friendly in San Francisco is difficult, but not impossible.  To enhance your chances with a potential landlord, consider creating a pet resume.  Here is a guide for you to refer to a sample resume.

Inspecting a Rental Property
Here’s a simple checklist to guide you in checking out a space you’re interested in renting.

Always be prepared for any disasters
When living in San Francisco, or anywhere in California, we must always be prepared for earthquakes.  Here is a guide to making sure your home has the items you need to be prepared for any major disaster or earthquake.