Move In Checklist

Welcome to UCSF Housing! Please review this checklist when moving into any of our communities.

Please refer to your Move In Email sent to you from Housing Services for instructions on picking up your keys.

Before You Check In

Watch Your Orientation Video
Watch the orientation videos created to welcome you to your new community.
Aldea San Miguel Orientation
Avenue Housing & 145 Irving Street Orientation
Mission Bay Housing Orientation
Mount Zion Housing Orientation
The Tidelands Orientation

Read the Tenant Handbooks
To give you a detailed description of the community you’ll be living in and the services we provide, housing handbooks for each of our properties can be found here.

Parnassus Handbook (This includes Aldea San Miguel, Avenue Housing, 145 Irving and Faculty Housing on 5th)

Mission Bay Handbook

Mount Zion Handbook

Tidelands Handbook

Important: Please review the move in checklist in your housing portal. Check off the items you have completed so that we know you have reviewed the information. Once you have checked those items off, we will be able to issue your keys to you when you move in.

What to Bring
If you are moving into The Tidelands, you do not need to bring any furniture with you. Please see this list for details on what is included at the complex and what you should bring.

If you are moving into the Avenues houses, you do not need to bring furniture with you. Please see this list for details on what is included and what you should bring.

Mission Bay, Mount Zion, 145 Irving, and Aldea communities are not furnished. You will need to bring your own furniture.


Move In Day

Please see your move-in email from Housing Services for instructions on picking up your keys.
Upon check-in, a set of keys are issued to each adult listed on the lease. Each set includes a key to the apartment front door, a key to the bedroom door (if applicable), a mailbox key, a fob that opens the building doors, gates, trash/ laundry rooms, and apartment floor in the elevator.

Zip Codes
Aldea San Miguel – 94131
Avenue Housing – 94122
Mission Bay – 94158
Mount Zion - 94115
Tidelands - 94107
145 Irving Street – 94122

Please be prepared with your address information when communicating with service providers.

Fill Out Your Apartment Condition Report
Upon arrival, you will be asked to log into your tenant account and fill out the apartment condition report. This report is designed to protect the resident by requiring the tenant to validate the condition of the unit based on the Condition Report. If the tenant fails to validate the report within three (3) days of the arrival date, Housing will accept that the unit is in good condition and the resident becomes responsible for any damage or missing items (for furnished units) after the move-in date.

Moving Trucks and Containers
In general, large moving containers create a problem at move in and out. They do not fit into our parking spaces and require more space than we have available. We are unable to reserve parking for your move-in activities.

At Aldea San Miguel you may use one smaller container up to 257 cubic feet that will be parked in your tenant parking space. The parking spaces are approximately 9 feet wide by 15 feet long.

At the Avenues, city streets cannot accommodate shipping containers. Moving trucks require a permit from the City of San Francisco.

Mission Bay tenants who are moving in may obtain special 2-hour Parking Passes for temporary street parking for small moving vehicles. Obtain one of these passes at the MB Housing office upon your arrival. If you have a moving container (sometimes known as a POD), please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for a location on the surface parking lot.

Mount Zion Tenants will have to park on the street in metered spaces. Moving trucks require a permit from the City of San Francisco.

Tidelands has limited white zone parking in front of each building. This is for loading/unloading only.

Tenants are responsible for communicating the following information to any agents (i.e. moving company) or guests that assist them with their move into Housing.

*Doors to buildings can never be propped open as this poses a serious security risk. If anything is damaged or stolen due to a tenant or their guest/agent propping open a door, the tenant will be held liable.

*Elevator doors cannot be propped open or stopped. Elevators are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved.

*Mission Bay: Two-hour parking permits and keys can only be issued to tenants by the Housing Services staff during regular business hours; Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Setting Up Utilities & Internet

Appliances and heat in your apartment are powered by electricity. The electricity service is provided by PG&E. Housing Services does not pay for electricity unless otherwise noted (electricity is included in the rental rates for non-faculty Avenue Housing, Mission Bay shared 4-bedroom apartments, 145 Irving shared 2-bedrooms, and Tidelands shared 2-bedrooms). You are responsible for putting the account in your name and paying the bill. You must contact PG&E within 24 hours of move-in. Tenants will be assessed an administrative fee of $40 for each month that PG&E is not set up in their name.

Please Note: It is standard for PG&E to ask for a security deposit if you are a first time customer with them, don’t have a credit history, or a social security number. They will return your deposit once you close your account and it has been paid off in full.

Television Services

Please note that our buildings are not equipped for antennae or personal satellite dishes. Please be aware that any alteration (i.e. attaching a cable to your walls) to your apartment during cable installation is in violation of the Housing Agreement and you will be held responsible for any necessary repairs upon move out. Housing Services will not sign a Landlord’s Agreement allowing any cable company to make such changes.

Internet Services
When connecting to wifi, look for a signal coming from UCSFguest for unsecured access (no password required).  If you have a UCSF student or employee MyAccess account, you may use UCSFwpa for secured access (required to pay rent online).  Sign up for a MyAccess account and get your password at

Tenants at Mission Bay, Tidelands, 145 Irving, and 3rd Avenue
Please review the UCSFHousing Wireless page here. This will assist you in setting up your wireless network.

By using the UCSF network to access the Internet, you agree to abide by UCSF’s network and IT policies. These policies prohibit you from establishing your own wireless network from your data port. Failure to follow this or other policies may result in your Internet connection being terminated without notice. Housing offers no compensation to tenants who lose their Internet connection because of violations of the Network Usage Agreement. If you are having internet issues, please contact the UCSF IT Department at 415-514-4100 or for assistance.

Aldea San Miguel
Aldea San Miguel is not connected to UCSF’s Ethernet service.  You may choose to purchase their own dial-up or cable service from their choice of provider.  Many tenants use AT&T or Comcast because the buildings are already equipped with wired infrastructure. You may not mount antennas or satellite dishes to the exterior of buildings.  You may connect your own wireless routers and air ports to your computers’ hardware. Many tenants choose to go to the courtyard of the Aldea Center (155 Johnstone Drive) or campus for wireless internet access using the UCSFguest unsecured network (note that rent payments cannot be made using an unsecured network).

Mount Zion
Your apartment does not come with free WiFi. Please contact Comcast or use Google Webpass to set up your wireless internet service.

Water and hot water are provided at no additional cost. However, you need to pay for your own water usage if you are the following addresses:
1420 5th Avenue
1428 5th Avenue
1452 5th Avenue
1454 5th Avenue
1460 5th Avenue
1490 5th Avenue
If you are at one of these addresses contact SF Water at

Trash, Composting and Recycling
Removal of basic household waste is provided at no additional cost. You will find trash and recycling chutes (Mission Bay) or bins (all other properties) near your apartment. Tenants are responsible for participating in the composting program.

After your move in please break down all your cardboard moving boxes and bring them to the recycling area of your building.  Never put cardboard down any trash or recycling chutes.

Mail and Packages

Package Deliveries
If you live at Mission Bay Housing and you expect to get packages delivered to you, you must have a Luxer One locker account.  Please register now at Everyone in your apartment should have an account, and all the names on your deliveries must match the names on your Luxer accounts.  For more information on how Luxer One works, see the video at (our Luxer cannot be used to send out packages, only receive them).  If you are ordering from Amazon, please use an Amazon Locker. However, the Luxer One package room will also accept Amazon orders.

If you live at The Tidelands and you expect to get packages delivered to you, you must have a Parcel Pending account. Your deliveries will be available for pick-up at your convenience — 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, every day of the year!

See the Additional Package Room Info here.

You will need to sign-up for an account in order to receive packages. Instructions to sign up for Parcel Pending lockers are as follows:

o Step 1: Click on the link to the building you live in:
        •  Parcel Pending in the Tidelands at 590 Minnesota Street
        •  Parcel Pending in the Tidelands at 600 Minnesota Street
o Step 2: You will be directed to a page where you will need to enter the following:
        •  First Name
        •  Last Name
        •  Email Address
        •  Create a username, password, and confirm your password.
o Step 3: Once Step 2 is completed, you will receive an email from Parcel Pending to confirm the registration of the account – once you click on the confirmation link in the email, you will be prompted to enter your unit information. Please pay close attention to the “Property Address.” Confirm the accurate building address at the Tidelands.
o Optional Step 4:  You can set up a PIN that you can use to access all future packages. Set up your PIN in your Parcel Pending account.

At all other UCSF locations, packages are delivered directly to your address.  Please note that, in an urban environment, it is not always easy to receive a secure package delivery at your front porch or within a secured lobby.


Avenue Housing (non-faculty)
These houses are furnished.  See the Avenues shopping list here.

Mission Bay, Mount Zion, 145 Irving Street, Aldea San Miguel, Faculty Avenue Housing
These properties are unfurnished. If you would like to rent furniture, please contact the vendor of your choice.

These units are furnished. Please note that all Tidelands housing has a bed, desk, and kitchenette. See the Tidelands shopping list here.

Appliances and Fixtures
At the time of check-in, you will be given an Apartment Condition and Inventory Report. This report is designed to protect tenants by having them verify the condition of your apartment at the time of check-in. This report should be returned to the Housing Services office one business day after you pick up your keys.
Tenants are prohibited from making alterations to the premises and will be billed for any repairs that result from such alterations. Examples of prohibited alterations include but are not limited to: hanging wallpaper, painting, changing locks, changing fixtures, creating large holes in the walls, damaging carpet, or mounting bicycle hooks from the ceiling.
Hallway and exterior lighting is maintained by Housing Services. If a light bulb is out of your reach, contact Housing Services for assistance. Smoke alarm batteries are replaced annually; if you have problems with a beeping smoke detector, please submit a maintenance request online here to have the battery replaced, or call Housing Services during our regular business hours at 415-514-4550.

Additional Resources & Tips

Renter’s Insurance
Housing Services requires Renters Insurance for all tenants.  Renters Insurance provides valuable protection if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, including laptop computers, smartphones, bicycles, game consoles, textbooks, clothing or other personal items.  If your laptop or other valuables are stolen, YOU are responsible for replacing them, not the school.  With our recommended Renters Insurance plan, any personal items that are stolen or damaged can be replaced at full cost subject to a $100 deductible.  Renters Insurance also protects you financially from unintentional damage to your University Housing or bodily injury for which you are liable.

To see more information about renters insurance, visit our insurance page.

Bringing a Car?
Please contact UCSF Parking and Transportation if you are moving into Mission Bay or The Tidelands and must bring a car with you; they will be able to set you up with a parking permit (at an additional cost). If you are moving into Mount Zion, please apply for a parking permit in your housing portal.

Meal Plans
Please note: UCSF Housing Services does not offer meal plan options. For campus restaurants and related services, please see Retail Services.

Move In Tips
- Remember the difference between dish soap and dishwasher soap. They are not the same and dish soap cannot be used in dishwashers.
- The City of San Francisco encourages everyone to compost as much as possible. If your compost bin stinks, put it in the fridge! It really helps!
- Package deliveries get taken if sitting in a public area. Use a secure delivery method for your packages such as Luxer, Amazon Locker, or Doorman.