Housing Agreement

The UCSF Housing Agreement (known as “lease” or “contract”) has been developed to provide the highest quality of customer services, taking into consideration individual needs while providing fairness and consistency for all tenants.

UCSF Housing Agreement 2021-2022

This document has been reviewed by advisory committees consisting of students, post-docs, staff, and faculty. Academic departments and professional schools have provided input. Consultations have been provided by Labor Relations, Human Resources, The Office of Student Life, EOP/AA, Disability Management Services, The Associated Students (ASUCSF), the Graduate Student Association, the International Students and Scholars Program, current tenants and the University Legal Counsel. This contract is approved by the University of California Office of the President, and the rental rates have been approved by the Chancellor.

This document is legal and binding, and this agreement is made between the Tenant and the UC Regents.

Our Flexible Lease Option
Our standard leases can start on any business day throughout the year and always end on July 1. You can then renew every year, up to 5 years, providing that your account is in good standing.

Flexible leases are available at all of our properties.  The minimum term is 6 months, then month-to-month. You would only need to submit your Housing Termination 30 days prior to your departure (provided the 6 month minimum term is satisfied).  Like in the off-campus housing market, this flexibility comes at a premium rate that is 20% higher than our standard lease rates.

What is the difference between a flexible lease and a standard lease?

If you choose our standard lease but leave before your lease is up, you will be responsible for your rent up to 60 days after your application to terminate. If you do not want to take that risk, we suggest signing a flexible lease instead!
You will have to weigh your options and plan ahead to see which choice is best for you.

Scenario 1: Anh, a 3rd year pharmacy student, lives in a Mission Bay 1-bedroom apartment, which is generally in high-demand. She is likely to find a replacement tenant when she leaves at the end of March to go on rotation. She is going to take her chances and sign a standard lease.

Scenario 2: Saoirse, a new faculty member, lives in a Mount Zion 1-bedroom apartment. She only wants to stay a short time while she gets settled into San Francisco life. She plans on buying a house about 6 months after her arrival, so she signs the flexible lease. 

If you are an applicant, you can go into the Housing Portal to select or update your lease preference.

Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to further discuss this option.

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality! I had an amazing stay and I wish I could have stayed even more! But was so lucky to be able to buy a beautiful house and move to the new place!
~ Dr. Qorbani, Pathology professor