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Welcome to San Francisco, California, USA! 欢迎来到美国旧金山 !

We hope to provide some guidance on issues such as how to obtain housing, how to arrange for telephone service, gas and electricity, and where to shop for furniture, groceries, and other essential items. Some people visit San Francisco ahead of time to search for housing, sometimes several months in advance. We realize that this may be difficult for most of you, so we are providing you with information to ease your transition.
在这里我们希望能提供您关於如何获得住房、 电话服务、 天然气和电力供应商的相关资讯,并替您解答在哪里买家具,杂货、 和其他必需品等问题。许多人初次来访旧金山时,总是需要花费许多时间找寻租屋,我们了解这是非常不容易的事,因此为您提供相关信息来减轻您过渡时期的压力。

On-Campus Housing学校宿舍

UCSF Housing offers a variety of living spaces at or near our Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses for Students, Postdocs, Residents, Clinical Fellows, and Faculty.  We have options for singles, couples or families with children.  This is a good choice only if you are staying in San Francisco for one year or more.  Housing on the UCSF campus is usually cheaper but very limited in availability, so you should also try to find off-campus housing.
UCSF Housing在邻近Parnassus 和 Mission Bay校区为学生们、博士后、驻院或临床研究员等提供多样的住屋选择- 包括单身,双人或家庭式的公寓。如果您预计在旧金山待上一年以上, 这是一个相当不错的选择。我们提供的住屋通常低於市场价格,因为数量有限,你也可以考虑尝试寻找校外住房。

Off Campus Housing校外租房

• Short-term Lodging Guide短期住宿指南
• Off-Campus Rentals校外出租房
• Rental Market Comparison租赁市场比较

Located, LLC can find housing for you   Located, LLC公司可以为您找房

Located LLC is a San Francisco based relocation company that was created to help people move to the San Francisco Bay Area.  They can help you with finding an apartment, moving logistics, and getting acclimated to life in San Francisco. In addition to helping you secure an apartment, Located LLC provides airport pickups, neighborhoods tours, English lessons, networking events, and other services.
Located LLC是一家位于旧金山的搬迁暨租屋仲介公司。他们可以帮助您找寻公寓、搬迁,并协助您适应旧金山生活。不但可以帮您取得稳固租约,Located LLC也提供机场接送、社区周围巡览、英语课程、社交活动,以及其他服务。

“Located LLC” is not a UCSF department, but is the university’s partner in helping international scholars with their move to UCSF.  There is a fee for services.  If you would like Located LLC to assist you in finding housing, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or visit their website at
由於“Located LLC”不是UCSF的部门,而是UCSF的合作伙伴,帮助UCSF的国际学者搬到旧金山,因此他们提供的服务需要收费。如果您想透过Located LLC协助您寻找住房,请联系,或参观他们的网站

Avoid Rental Scams 避免租屋詐騙—別成為受害者
在舊金山偶有罪犯假裝房東引誘租屋者上當. 美國聯邦交易協會為防止租屋詐騙,提供相關資源

Support from the UCSF International Students & Scholars Office来自UCSF国际学生学者办公室的協助

UCSF Housing Services works closely with UCSF International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) to provide you with maximum support for an easy move to the United States.  ISSO has several helpful web pages to assist you.
UCSF房屋服务处与UCSF国际学生学者办公室(ISSO)密切合作,尽最大努力帮助您落脚美国。 ISSO有一些有用的网页,希望为您提供帮助。
• Housing Search Strategy房屋搜索策略
• Housing Rental Guidelines房屋出租指引
• Housing Resources房屋资源

Utilities, Furniture and Moving水电瓦斯,家具和搬家 水电瓦斯、家具与搬家

Once you have found an apartment, you will need to set up utilities like electric, gas, water, garbage, recycling, internet, and phones.  You may also need to rent or buy furniture, then get help with your move.

Utilities水电瓦斯以及垃圾回收等 水电瓦斯、垃圾与回收
o Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). 1-800-743-5000或。天然气和电力
o Water & Sewage is usually paid for by the landlord, but if not, contact Water & Wastewater Resources at (415) 351-3399 or
o 自来水及污水处理费用通常由房东支付。如需自行支付,请联系Water & Wastewater Resources at (415) 351-3399或
o Trash, Recycling, and Compost services are provided by Recology. Recology或
Recology提供垃圾、回收和厨馀回收等相关服务. (415) 330-1300或

Renters Insurance租房保险

Ask Us Questions in Your Language. 用您的语言向我们提问
Many of our Housing Staff are fluent in other languages besides English.  Please contact the following if you need assistance: 我们有许多雇员会讲英语以外的语言。如果您需要帮助,请联系以下负责人:

法语Français – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
荷兰语Nederlands – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
中文 - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
For other language assistance, please contact UCSF International Students & Scholars Office,