Safety & Security

Safety & Security

We want all of our tenants to have a safe and enjoyable stay. To help ensure the safety of yourself and your neighbors, please adhere to the following policies and guidelines.

Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to UC Police and/or Housing Services immediately. Blue UC Police emergency buttons are located around the complex for use in an emergency. The UC Police may be reached at 415-476-1414 in the event of a non-emergency.

Keep your apartment door locked at all times. If you use trash and/or laundry rooms, be sure the door to each room locks behind you. Never prop open doors to the buildings. Report lost keys to Housing Services.

Monitor children and ensure they are not sticking their fingers or any other object into the heating units or wall outlets. Do not let young children wander around your floor or the complex unsupervised.

If You Are Locked Out

If a tenant is locked out, the tenant or additional occupants on the lease may check out a temporary key at no cost from Housing Services during regular business hours. If the tenant fails to return the temporary key within 2 business days, the key will be considered lost, and the tenant will be charged accordingly.

During non-business hours, Parnassus tenants may contact UCSF Police at (415) 476-1414 and Mission Bay tenants may contact the Mission Bay security desk at (415) 317-7899. Tidelands tenants may contact the Tidelands security desk at (415) 680-6105. UCSF Police charge a fee for this service that is billed through Housing Services, and a $25 fee will be added to the tenant’s account for each lockout incident. The lock-out fee will be waived a maximum of two times during the entire period of the tenancy.

Fire Safety

The University of California provides a fire safety training program for those who reside in campus housing at all UC campuses.  It is important that you know what to do in the event of a fire.  Please review the Housing Services Fire & Life Safety training videos.
The annual UCSF Fire Safety Report is at

UCSF is a smoke-free campus
Smoking is prohibited on University-owned or leased property. That includes inside buildings, vehicles, and moving equipment. This policy applies to all members of the campus community, at all UCSF sites.

Fire Safety and Fire Alarm Information
According to the US Fire Administration, over 1.5 million fires are reported annually. Fire safety and prevention is everyone’s responsibility. UCSF is required by law to adhere to a number of fire codes.

Please help us to keep everyone safe by following the regulations listed below:
1. Dispose of your trash and recyclables by using the chutes on your floor.
2. Do not put oversized items in the chutes as the chutes do not go straight down (they have bends and turns) and oversized items will clog the chutes. Do not put large/ unbroken down cardboard boxes in the chutes. Keep all exit ways clear; If you see an obstructed exit, please notify Housing Services immediately.
3. Allow sufficient space (18”) beneath the sprinklers in your apartment so they may function properly in the event of a fire.
4. Grills, lighter fluid, and charcoal are not permitted anywhere in the Mission Bay Housing complex. (This includes the private courtyard)
5. All motorized equipment is not permitted inside of the Mission Bay Housing complex. (including the private courtyard)
6. Do not store any items outside your apartment or in the bicycle storage rooms.

Fire alarm systems and response services are provided by the Fire Marshall, UCSF Facilities, and the San Francisco Fire Department.

Fire Safety and Alerts
Fire Marshall regulations require that all exterior walkways and stairs be kept clear. Tenants should not place any plants, bicycles or decorative items outside of their apartments in these areas. Compliance with this regulation will be monitored routinely by Campus Housing Services staff.

Below is a list of code violations to which we are required by law to adhere. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. From the 2001Uniform Fire Code:

Tenants store rubbish outside of apartment entryway.

Section 1103.2.11. Combustible rubbish kept or accumulated within or adjacent to buildings or structures shall be in approved rubbish containers or rooms or vaults constructed of noncombustible materials.
Section 1103.3.2.3. Exits. Combustible material shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures. Tenants store items too high, obstructing sprinkler system.
Section 1103.3.2.2. Ceiling clearance. Storage shall be maintained 2 feet or more below the ceiling in non-sprinkler areas of buildings. Storage shall be maintained 18 inches or more below sprinkler head deflectors in those areas of buildings. Tenants storing grills and fueled equipment.
Section 1103.3.2.6. Fueled equipment. Fueled equipment, including but not limited to motorcycles, mopeds, lawn-care equipment, and portable cooking equipment, shall not be stored, operated or repaired within a building.

Preparing for Emergencies

Emergency Alerts
To sign up for emergency alerts on or near UCSF campuses, click here to fill out your contact information.
Warn Me

In The Event of a Disaster or Emergency

In the event of a disaster or emergency, Housing Services will work to return buildings to livable conditions. This includes structural repair and restoration of water and electricity. However, based on the severity of the situation, it may take a significant amount of time to fully restore these services. Tenants are responsible for providing their own emergency supplies. These items include, but are not limited to:
* Food (non-perishable)
* Drinking water
* Extra blankets
* Sturdy shoes
* Flashlights and extra batteries
* Portable radio
* First aid kit
* Medications
* Hygiene products (hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, etc.)
* Family communication plan
* Evacuation plan

Helpful sites to ensure you are prepared:

* WarnMe (see above)
* Alert SF
* UCSF Police - Disaster Preparedness

UCSF Housing Services Missing Persons Policy & Protocol

All tenants will have an opportunity to identify an Emergency Contact Person on their Housing Agreement. This person will also be contacted in the event that the tenant is missing. Please remember to update your missing persons contact info in your Tenant Portal.
Please see the entire Missing Persons Policy & Protocol.

To file a Missing Person Report
Please contact the UC Police Department at 415-476-1414. You may also visit the UC Police Department website for more information. Please note that UCSF Housing Services does not investigate missing person reports.


Evacuation plans are posted on each floor and red pull stations are provided throughout the complex. Pull stations alert the SF Fire Department and the UCPD. You should familiarize yourself with evacuation plans and pull stations. Please monitor your children around pull stations. The SF Fire Department charges Housing Services $1700+ per call and we will charge tenants for unlawful use of fire equipment.

In the event of a fire, tenants should activate a pull station and call 911 if possible. Planning ahead is the key to fire prevention. Identify your nearest evacuation route upon move-in. Learn these “must knows” to help increase your chances of survival in a fire. (Source: FDNY High Rise Safety Tips)

1. Know the layout of your floor and building
2. Know the location of all stair exits on your floor.
3. Know the number of doors between your apartment and the exit stairs. This is essential knowledge when accessing an exit in the dark.
4. Know where your apartment key is located. Take the key with you if you are forced to evacuate.
5. Know the location of all fire alarm pull stations.

Evacuation Information
In the event of an emergency, tenants may be asked to leave their homes. Please follow the evacuation procedures:

Mission Bay:
North Building: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather across Nelson Rising Lane, at the loading dock of the Cancer Research Center. Please do not gather in the courtyard.

South Building: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather across Gene Friend Plaza, near the open parking lot. Do not gather in the courtyard.

East Building: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather across Gene Friend Plaza, by the open parking lot. Please do not gather in the courtyard.

West Building: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather across 4th Street, near the entrance to Rock Hall. Please do not gather in the courtyard.

Parnassus, Aldea: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather in the parking lot at 155 Johnstone. Alternative location is near 80 Behr, only if safe.

Parnassus, Avenues: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather on the 3rd Avenue sidewalk between Parnassus and Irving Street. Alternate location is 3rd Ave at Irving Street.

Tidelands: Exit the building using the stairs. Gather at Esprit Park on the corner of Minnesota and 19th Streets. Alternate location is Mariposa Park at Mariposa and Minnesota Streets.

UCSF Police Department’s Campus Security & Personal Safety Booklet

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act, the UCPD provides an annual report of campus crime statistics and a Campus Security & Personal Safety booklet.

Contagious Disease Policy

UCSF is working in a variety of ways to try to help the worldwide effort to contain Ebola virus disease. UCSF volunteers may be returning from abroad to their apartments in campus housing. In an effort to support volunteers and to allay concerns within our community, Housing Services is following the guidelines recommended by the CDC, local health authorities and campus administration. The following information is also available on the UCSF Ebola Response Resource page:

All travelers (employees, faculty, students, and trainees) who are returning from Guinea, Liberia, Mali or Sierra Leone will be subject to the following restrictions when returning to UCSF campuses or affiliated sites depending on their level of risk, as defined by the CDC:
All travelers must self-monitor for fever and symptoms of Ebola and report the results to the UCSF Occupational Health Program (OHP) and to the San Francisco Department of Public Health for 21 days from the last potential Ebola contact after they return from countries with a widespread transmission of Ebola and should follow these guidelines:

*All asymptomatic UCSF staff returning from travel to countries with widespread transmission of Ebola who visited or worked in health care facilities (“high” or “some” risk) will be visited daily by San Francisco Department of Public Health staff. They must remain off work at UCSF campuses or affiliated sites for 21 days from the last potential Ebola contact, or
*All asymptomatic UCSF staff returning from travel to countries with widespread transmission of Ebola who did not enter health care facilities (“low” risk) will be permitted to return to work at UCSF campuses or affiliated upon return.

All travelers must be aware of and comply with the Ebola virus disease protocols for:
* The health care facilities where they work; and
* The San Francisco Department of Public Health, which in addition daily monitoring may include restrictions of movements, especially for those who provided direct patient care. All UCSF staff in UCSF housing can continue to reside in their residence as long as they are asymptomatic and have been approved by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Neither CDC nor the San Francisco Department of Public Health recommends excluding returning volunteers from multi-unit housing during their 21-day monitoring period.

For further information, please visit CDC guidance regarding “high”, “some”, and “low” risk categories and additional traveler
advice may be reviewed at Full CDC guidance can be found on its website. For further questions, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Campus Security Information


UCSF Police Department (from campus telephones): Dial 9-911
On Campus Emergency (from cell phone): 415-476-6911
UCSF Police Non-Emergency: 415-476-1414
Non-Emergency Investigations: 415-476-5174
Emergency Maintenance Requests: 415-476-2021
San Francisco Police Department: 911
San Francisco Police Department Non-Emergency: 415-553-0123
Walking Escort and Night Shuttle Escort: 415-476-1414
Medical Center Security Services (Parnassus): 415-888-7890
Parnassus Night Shuttle Escort: 415-476-1414
UCPD Lost & Found Hotline: 415-476-2454
Laurel Heights, 1st Floor Main Lobby: 415-476-8868
Genentech Hall, 1st Floor Main Lobby 415-514-4020
Rock Hall, 1st Floor Main Lobby 415-514-4317
Mission Center Building, 1st Floor Main Lobby 415-476-0399
Mission Hall 415-476-5190
UCSF Shuttle Info Hotline: 415-476-GOGO
AT&T Telephone Service: 800-310-2355