Online Tenant Handbook for Mission Bay

Everything You Need To Know About Living in UCSF Housing

Welcome. Housing Services would like to welcome you and your family. Our community includes students, postdoctoral scholars, resident-interns/clinical fellows, faculty, and staff. We are delighted to have you!

Visit the Safety & Security Page to review everything you need to know about what to do in an emergency.

Visit the Housing Portal & Rent Payment Info page to review your options for rent payment.

Housing Agreement
You are bound by all of the terms within your Housing Agreement Contract. Visit Housing Services if you would like an additional copy of your Agreement or you can view the Agreement online here.

Visit this page to review your renter’s insurance options.

Table of Contents
Move-In Inspection
Building Access
      Front Door Directory
      Trash and Recycling
      Package Center
      Pest Control
Fire Alarms
Furniture and Furnishings
Shuttles & Parking
      Guest Parking
      Bicycle Parking
Community Room
Fitness Center
Tenant Responsibilities

A security deposit is not required in UCSF Housing. If there are damages after move-out, you will be billed within 21 days of your departure.

Move-In Inspection
Upon collecting keys to a unit, tenants can access the Move-In Inspection in the Housing Portal. This report is designed to protect the tenant by asking them to validate the condition of the unit. If the tenant fails to validate the report within three (3) days of keys being collected, it will be understood that condition of the unit is in good condition and the tenant becomes responsible for any damage or missing items (for furnished units) after the move in date.

In the Housing Portal:
Click on “More Information”.
Items to note are stains in the rug, minor cabinet damage, or anything aesthetic that cannot be repaired.
Noting something that needs to be repaired in the comment section does not mean it will be repaired, a maintenance request needs to be submitted. An example of this is broken blinds or a leaky faucet. Housing will recognize your comments as verification of the condition of your unit upon move in.

Building Access
In order to enter the front doors of your building, you will need to use the fob provided to you at check-in. The word HID is printed on each fob. Place the word HID under the red light of the fob reader in order to release the lock. For security reasons, tenants may not have access to certain doors on the property. Please report any problems you have with your fob to Housing Services.

Each tenant will be issued an apartment entrance key, a bedroom key, and a mailbox key. A key fob will be issued to the tenant for the building front door entrance. When vacating, tenants must return all keys. Tenants who fail to return keys will be charged for the costs of replacing the lock(s) and the keys(s). This charge can be very expensive. Locks are required to be changed when a tenant loses a front door key(s) and the tenant is billed for the costs.
Please note: The individual bedrooms have different keys and behave differently from the front door lock. From the outside of the bedroom door - to unlock the door, turn the key to the right (turning the key to the left will open it but will keep it locked). From the inside of the bedroom door - the door is locked if the tab is in a horizontal position. To unlock it, you must move the tab to a vertical position and rotate the door handle counterclockwise or the door will remain locked.

Key fobs need to be used in the elevators to access the appropriate floor.
Facilities Services provides 24-hour response to elevator problems and emergencies. Each elevator is supplied with a telephone with direct calling for emergency service.
Contact Housing Services for maintenance during business hours, Monday through Friday 8am–5 pm, 415-514-4550. After hours contact Facilities Services at 415-476-2021.

Front Door Directory
Each building in Mission Bay Housing is equipped with a front door directory. Tenants may choose whether or not they are listed in the directory. Each tenant in the directory is listed along with a unique code. Tenant guests should look up and dial the code for the tenant they are visiting. The system will then call the tenant. If you wish to allow access, you should press “0”. To deny access, press “7” or simply check-in. Tenants can sign up to be listed in the front door directory while completing the Move-in Orientation on their Housing Portal or by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please include in your email how you would like your name listed and the phone number associated with it. Note: Only the name will appear in the directory, not the phone number.

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Your apartment comes with free WiFi. Follow this user manual to set up your devices. You will need to sign into UCSF MyAccess to access the document.

Appliances in your apartment are powered by electricity. Housing Services does not pay for electricity unless otherwise noted. You are responsible for putting the bill in your name with service starting on your contract date, regardless of when you move-in. Failure to do so will result in a $40 maintenance fee in addition to the usage charges for each month UCSF has to pay the bill. If you do not have a United States Social Security number, you will have to go in person to a PG&E location upon arrival to create an account. Website for starting/stopping service. Please Note: It is standard for PG&E to ask for a security deposit if you are a first time customer with them, don’t have a credit history, or a social security number. They will return your deposit once you close your account and it has been paid off in full.
Trash removal and water fees are covered by Housing Services. Each apartment is pre-wired with two (2) phone lines and can contact AT&T at 800.288.2020. Tenants contact the telephone company directly for this service.

Trash and Recycling
* Each floor in the Mission Bay complex is equipped with trash/ recycling chutes for your garbage and recycling. Please be sure to put trash only in the chute marked for trash and recycling only in the chute designated for recyclables. The chutes have bends and turns, so please do not put oversized items into the chute, as this will cause them to clog. If the chute becomes clogged, please notify Housing Services at 415-514-4550. Please do not put cardboard boxes in either chute. Please bring broken down cardboard boxes and oversized items to the trash/ recycling rooms in the East, West and South buildings.
* Please do not leave trash in front of the chute or in the lobby, you will be charged for the removal.
* Please monitor children around the trash cutes. Children should not be allowed to play near the trash chutes.
* Tenants must use trash bags for the trash they plan on throwing down the chutes.

Recycling Miscellaneous Electronics
Housing Services recycles old batteries, seeing eyeglasses and small electronics. Please bring your items down to the Mission Bay Housing Services office during regular business hours, and we will take care of recycling them. For more information about sorting your waste, please visit this site.

The city of San Francisco requires that all of its residents compost their biodegradable waste and failure to do so will result in fines. Composting is also required according to the Housing Agreement. You may pick up a composting bin from the Housing office. Compostable liner bags can be purchased at Walgreen’s, Cole Hardware, Safeway, Rainbow Market, Center Hardware, or Whole Foods.
Please bring all compost down to the East, West or South Trash/ Recycling Rooms, and place all compost in the receptacle labeled “Compost.”

Mailboxes are located on the first floor of each building. UCSF and Housing Services have no control over the mail that is delivered to your apartment mailbox – it comes directly from the U.S. Postal Service. There are outgoing mail slots in the North, West, and East buildings next to the mailboxes. If you receive mail not addressed to you, please write “RTS” on the mail and place it on top of the mailboxes for the couriers to retrieve or place it in the outgoing mail slot. If you have experienced mail issues recently, please contact the USPS postmaster directly at 180 Napoleon Street, San Francisco CA. 94124, 415-285-4647.

The Housing Services office does not accept returns of any kind. For outgoing or return distribution information please refer to the Housing Services office.
Please use zip code 94158 when receiving mail. Using the 94143 zip code or writing “UCSF” in your address could significantly delay the delivery of your mail
Upon move out, you will need to file a change of address/ forward your mail with the USPS. You can do this online at

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See the Package Room policies and procedures here.

Luxer One Package Center
Parcels are delivered to Luxer Locker package center in the North Building. Your deliveries will be available for pick-up at your convenience — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year!

You will need to signup for an account in order to receive packages. Please visit their website and click “Create An Account.” Follow the prompts to enter your email address, a secure password, THE HOUSING OFFICE ADDRESS (1505 4th St), and your unit number. Click “Let’s Get Started” and the next page will pull up “Nearby Luxer One Locations.” Select your UCSF Mission Bay Housing address from the drop-down menu and then click on “Request Access.” Then you can enter your mobile phone number if you would like to receive text alerts about packages.

Each person in your apartment should have their own Luxer One account to ensure package delivery.
Have packages sent to your regular apartment address (the one from your Housing Agreement, or “lease”). The name on your Luxer One account and the name on your parcel need to match.

When your package arrives, Luxer One will email or text you a passcode to access your delivery locker.
Go to the North Building (use your fob key), 1st floor, down the long hallway past the mailboxes to Luxer One lockers. Enter your passcode on the touch screen to open your delivery locker.

Here are some special features of the Luxer Locker system:

All couriers will deliver to Luxer One lockers.
• If you cannot pick up your package, you can give a trusted friend your code to get your package for you.
• We ensured that we have super-sized lockers for your larger boxes. However, there is a size limit of 75.75” high x 38” wide x 25” deep.
• Your package will be held for 7 days. After your time limit, your package will be returned to sender. If you plan to be away, you can give a trusted friend your access code to get your package for you.
• You may deliver groceries and perishable items (food boxes) to Luxer One lockers. However, please note that you may be billed for removal and cleaning costs if perishables are not collected within 48 hours.
• Fresh flower deliveries from local florists will still be accepted by the Housing Services office.
• For your security, the Luxer package room has multiple cameras to record activity.
• For oversized packages that do not fit in a locker, the tenant must be home/present to sign for it or schedule the delivery for when they are home.

Amazon Lockers
If you are ordering from Amazon, you may be able to use an Amazon Lockers for delivery:
However, Luxer will accept Amazon orders.

Tenants may obtain assistance by calling Luxer One at (415) 390-0123, 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.
Locker Lara:
1630 3rd Street (3rd St. Garage Lobby), San Francisco, CA 94158-2221
Locker Edgar:
550 Gene Friend Way (South Bldg. Lobby), San Francisco, CA, 94158-2281
Locker Madelyn:
525 Nelson Rising Lane (North Bldg. Lobby), San Francisco, CA 94158-2281
**For all customer issues or questions please contact Amazon Customer Service, 1-877-346-6244**

Laundry Rooms
Laundry rooms are located on the first floor of each of the buildings. Each laundry room contains washers and dryers. The cost to wash a load of laundry is $1.50 and the cost to dry a load of laundry is $1.25.

To use the machines, tenants must purchase a WASH laundry card from the Add Value Station found in each of the buildings’ laundry rooms. WASH laundry cards cost $5.00 to purchase. Tenants may also use the Add Value Station to add money to their laundry card. Each Add Value Station accepts credit cards and the South building Add Value Station also accepts cash.

Please be considerate of your neighbors by cleaning up after yourself and removing your laundry promptly from washers and dryers. Report any custodial problems in the laundry rooms to Housing Services at 415-514-4550.
Laundry that is left in a machine for more than three days will be considered abandoned and will be removed, donated to charity or disposed of.

For laundry machine maintenance issues please call WASH Laundry directly at 1-800-824-7780.

The Mission Bay maintenance staff does not service the laundry machine washers/dryers or Add Value Machines.

Please note: You may not bring any type of laundry machine (washer or dryer) onto the property. You may only operate those laundry machines provided by the University.

Laundry Alert:
You can check to see how many machines are available to use from the comfort of your apartment by logging on to Laundry Alert.
Log-in using the ID: UCSF3297
You can also use this website to check on the status of your own laundry and have an email alert sent to you when your laundry is finished!

Laundry Locker:
“Laundry Locker” is a laundry pickup and delivery service that is available right here at Mission Bay.
To use the service
1. Tenants put their laundry in a locker (located in the North & East bldgs), remove the key, and place an order online or by phone.
2. The Laundry Locker staff picks up the clothes and does your laundry and dry cleaning.
3. When the clean clothes are ready, the tenant is notified via email or text message. The tenant picks up their clothes, leaving the locker available for the next customer.
Laundry Lockers are located in North Building Laundry Room and the East Building lobby near the mailboxes. All Mission Bay fobs access these areas for the convenience of all tenants. Also, Laundry Locker does shoe repair!

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Cleaning Responsibilities
Tenants are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of their unit. Tenants are required to straighten their own bedroom and to clean up after themselves in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, dining, and living areas after each use. Please do not leave dirty dishes or cooking items on the countertops or in the sink. The range and kitchen counters should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Bathroom surfaces should be wiped clean and bathtubs and sinks scrubbed as needed. Common living areas should be kept neat at all times.

Housing Services recommends that all of the housemates meet on a monthly basis and develop a cleaning schedule with the chores/responsibilities of each tenant clearly defined. If a cleaning schedule cannot be maintained, then the housemates should all contribute to the hiring of a cleaning service. We encourage you to research any cleaning company and get recommendations. Here’s a non-profit organization of active senior citizens who do custodial work in San Francisco. Self-Help for the Elderly Cleaning Service: (415) 677-7618 or You may also consult Yelp for other resources.

Routine Inspections of 4-bedroom units will be conducted four times a year by the Housing Services Staff. Tenants will be notified prior to the inspections and if the facilities are not clean or damage is found to have occurred, the tenants responsible will be charged for cleaning and repair fees.

Pets (other than fish in five-gallon or less tanks) are not permitted in the Mission Bay Housing complex. The pets of guests or visitors are also prohibited. Failure to comply with the “no pet policy” is a breach of your Housing agreement with the University and may result in the termination of your housing agreement. Tenants in violation will be responsible for cleaning and abatement due to allergens. This may include carpet replacement, repainting, and special cleaning services.

Pest Control
This policy is outlined in the Housing Agreement.
Pests and Extermination:
Only the University, and not Tenant, will provide extermination services for insects, spiders, and other pests. Upon Tenant’s request, the University will provide a one-time extermination for bed bug infestation at no additional charge. Tenant will pay for any additional extermination by the University as a direct result of Tenant’s negligence, poor hygiene, lack of cleanliness, or personal effects. Tenant shall to immediately report any pest infestation to Housing Services.

Fire Alarms
Each unit is equipped with smoke detectors and a fire alarm system. If an alarm goes off, listen to t he instructions. In case of a fire, immediately vacate the building and call the fire department at 911. Only the engineers or the Fire Department will be able to turn off the system.

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Furniture & Furnishings
Mission Bay apartments include carpeted or laminate floors in the living area and bedrooms. The kitchen and bathroom floors have linoleum tile. All apartments are unfurnished. A refrigerator, stove, garbage disposal, and dishwashers are provided for tenant use. Please remember to only use dishwashing detergent specifically designed for use in the dishwasher. Regular dishwashing soap will cause the machine to leak water and soapsuds, flooding your apartment.
Appliance guides are available in the Housing Services office. Monthly cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners will help your appliances and apartment look like new. Tenants should use their range hoods when cooking in order to reduce moisture, smells, and false fire alarms.

Window coverings are provided in all apartments. To avoid mold, please wipe away moisture and condensation build-up near and on all windows. Please do not replace window coverings, put up curtains, or remove screens. If you have any problems with your window coverings, please contact Housing Services.

The Housing Contract that you signed holds the tenant responsible for all appliances and fixtures in your apartment.

Shuttle Service and Parking
Transportation Services, a unit of Campus Life Services, offers an extensive shuttle network that spans the various UCSF campuses and sites.
Up to date shuttle schedules can be found online here.

Parking permits for Mission Bay tenants are provided by Transportation Services. For more information about parking at Mission Bay call 415-476-1511, visit this website, or visit the Transportation Services office located on the first floor of the 1625 Owens Street Garage.

Guest Parking
Guests of Mission Bay tenants can purchase overnight parking using the PayByPhone app.  Once the app has been downloaded and the guest has set up an account on PaybyPhone, they can simply enter Location #4358 to access the guest rate.  The $20.00 guest rate is valid from 5pm-9am M-F and all day on weekends and holidays.  Questions? Call 415-476-1511.

Bicycle Storage Units
The Mission Bay complex is equipped with a limited amount of indoor bicycle storage slots in each of the four buildings. Bicycle storage is for Mission Bay Housing tenants and additional occupants only. Tenants must register their bike with the UCSF Parking and Transportation office before submitting a Mission Bay Housing Services Bicycle Storage Application with Housing Services. Assigned slots in Mission Bay Housing bicycle storage are issued on a first come first served basis. No more than two spaces will be issued to an Agreement holder.

Once a tenant is cleared to store his or her bike in Housing bicycle storage, the tenant’s fob will be programmed to allow access to the appropriate storage room and assigned slot. Please remember to park your bicycle in your assigned slot and use the security cable designated to your slot. Please note that storage of any other items (e.g. tire pumps, helmets, bike equipment, children’s tricycles, other belongings, etc…) in the bicycle storage unit is prohibited. Please leave this community space clean!
Bicycle racks in and around the complex are also available. When parking or storing your bicycle, please make sure to follow the UCSF Housing Bicycle Policy to prevent crime and maintain safety while your bicycle is on UCSF Housing properties.

Additional bicycle parking is also offered via UCSF Transportation in the Third Street Parking Garage Bicycle Cage. Upon registering your bike with UCSF Transportation, the department may grant your badge access. If you wish to have access on your Housing Services grey and/ or black fob, please request access on your Housing Services bicycle storage application and or in person at the office.

For your protection, UCSF registration stickers are required on all bicycles (including children’s bicycles) parked on or in the UCSF Housing properties. Free bicycle registration is available through UCSF Transportation Services.
Bicycles must be properly secured and locked to the bike racks. Bicycles that are unsecured and look neglected are considered abandoned. Abandoned bikes will be tagged and possibly impounded.

Bicycles not in compliance with the above rules will be tagged. The owner has two weeks from the tagged date to take the necessary actions described on the tag to be compliant. If the owner of the bicycle does not remedy the problem, the bicycle will be impounded.  Unclaimed impounded bicycles will be auctioned through UCSF Transportation Services 415-476‐1511.  The UCSF Police Department recommends using a u-lock to secure your bike as cable or chain locks can be easily cut. Please be careful not to lock another tenant’s bike to yours.

Motorized bikes are not permitted in the courtyard or in the buildings. The storage of bicycles in or under stairwells is prohibited. Visit this page for more information or visit Housing Services about obtaining a bicycle storage application.

Mission Bay Community Room Rental
Tenants of Mission Bay housing may reserve the Mission Bay Community Room for personal use at no charge. Read more about renting the room here.

The gated courtyard has been provided for the enjoyment of all Mission Bay Housing tenants. Please be respectful of the shared space and do not leave personal items in the courtyard. Please dispose of all waste in the appropriately provided receptacles.
Please note that grills, pets, bouncy houses, and motorized vehicles such as motorcycles are not allowed in the courtyard.

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Retail Services
Retail Services, a unit of Campus Life Services, provides on-campus dining, 19 shopping, and banking services to the faculty, staff, and students at UCSF. The department goal is to bring value, convenience, and variety to the UCSF community and enhance the quality of life on campus.  See all of their services on the Retail Webpage.

**Retail Services also co-sponsors a Farmer’s Market in conjunction with the Pacific Coasts Farmer’s Market Association. The Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday during the Spring, Summer and Fall in the Gene Friend Way Plaza from 10am–2pm**

Bakar Fitness Center
Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center, located in the William J. Rutter Center on campus features state-of-the-art equipment, a dedicated Pilates studio, two swimming pools, and a climbing wall.
For information regarding membership, classes and hours of operation visit their site.

Assistance Animals & ADA Accommodations
Learn more about ADA accommodations and our service and assistance animal policy here.

Vacating Instructions:
All tenants vacating a UCSF housing facility must check out with Housing Services before leaving campus housing. At the time of checkout, please complete the process in the “Move-Out” tab on your Housing Portal, return all keys, and pay any outstanding charges. After hours, keys may be dropped in the drop box in the West building elevator lobby.
Please leave the apartment in a safe and proper condition and as found. If you wish to terminate your housing agreement early, please read the termination clause of the housing agreement.

Tenant Responsibilities

Mindful Neighbors:
Housing Services strives to provide housing that is conducive to learning and family living. UCSF Housing is home to people who work all hours of the day. Please be mindful not to make noise that will disturb your neighbors.

Problem Resolution Center:
You may want to seek the help of a facilitator who can help in this area. Contact the Ombuds office at:

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