Move Out Checklist

Please review the list below and go to your Tenant Portal to complete the items listed in the Move-Out tab.

Before You Move Out

At least two weeks before your move-out date, call (415) 514-4550 to schedule a preliminary move-out inspection with the front desk. Housing Services has limited appointment slots per day, so schedule your appointment as early as possible.

Please note that this inspection is your right under California law. If you choose to not have a move-out inspection, you waive your rights to dispute any charges for damages or cleaning. By having a preliminary move-out inspection prior to departure, you allow yourself time to remedy any problems for which you may be charged. Preliminary move-out inspections will only be conducted on weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Donate clothes and furniture to charity. Don’t leave personal items as a “gift” to staff or other tenants, as you will be charged for their proper removal. Instead, give to one of the following charities:
•Goodwill has two locations to accept your charitable donations.  At Parnassus/Aldea San Miguel, there is a collection bin located at the end of Adolph Sutro Court. 
•Out of the Closet (HIV/AIDS programs and services) will pick up a minimum of two large furniture items, TVs, or other large valuables. Call (877) 274-2548 to schedule a pick-up. Items may not be left at Housing Services or in public areas for pick-up.

Sell your stuff. You may also post items for sale on the Mission Bay Tenant mailing list. This mailing list is for residents to buy, sell or give away things. To subscribe to the mbh-market mailing list, send this one line message to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address): subscribe mbh-market first_name last_name
This mailing list is maintained by Mission Bay tenants. Housing Services does not administer this list or its activities. To post to the listserv, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Bulky Item Disposal at Mission Bay
Mission Bay tenants can have things like old furniture, electronics, appliances, bundled or boxed clothes, and mattresses picked up through Recology’s Bulky Item Recycling Program. View a list of accepted items at  Schedule a Bulky Item Recycling pickup at least two week in advance by calling Recology at (415) 330-1300.  Use account number 515027818. After making arrangements with Recology, drop off the bulky items on Nelson Rising Lane at the corner of 3rd Street.  Please label all disposed of items with a large piece of paper that says, “RMJ”. This service is not available to Parnassus campus tenants.

Moving Day

Keys are due back to Housing Services by 11:00 AM on the termination date. If keys are returned late, you will be charged the pro-rated daily rent and any holdover fess that may apply (this may include, but is not limited to: cost of any legal and court fees; rescheduling service contractors; temporary shelter for any incoming tenant who sustains damages for delayed move-in; and excessive labor hours performed by UCSF Housing Staff). These fees commence at 11:01 AM on your move-out date. Tenants who fail to return all keys upon check-out will be charged for the costs of replacing the lock(s) and the keys, including labor costs. Charges will be assessed after the work has been completed. Tenants will also be charged for replacement and maintenance fees associated with lost or stolen keys.

Moving Trucks and Containers
In general, large moving containers create a problem at move in and out. They do not fit into our parking space and require more space than we have available.

If you are moving on July 1, you should know that this will be a busy day, with many people moving out at the same time. Although Housing and Parking Services are working closely to ease traffic problems, we anticipate congestion in the following campus areas:
• at Aldea San Miguel on Behr / Johnstone / Adolph Sutro Court
• on 3rd and 5th Avenues at the Parnassus campus,
• on Irving Street between 2nd and 4th Avenues (DO NOT block MUNI trains)
• and at the Mission Bay Campus on 4th Street and on Nelson Rising Lane

Avenue House Tenants
Avenue Housing and 145 Irving Street are subject to City Parking Regulations. At the Avenues and Mission Bay, city streets cannot accommodate shipping containers.  At the Avenues Houses, moving trucks require a permit from the City of San Francisco. 

Aldea San Miguel Tenants
If you’re using a large moving truck or container, please make sure that movers are actively moving in or out and that a contact phone number is left on the truck in case it needs to be moved. You may use a small moving container up to 257 cubic feet, and you may park it in your assigned parking space. The parking spaces are approximately 9 feet wide by 15 feet long.

Mission Bay Tenants
Mission Bay tenants who are moving out may obtain special 2-hour Parking Passes for temporary street parking for moving vehicles. Obtain one of these passes at the MB Housing office. The Mission Bay neighborhood is unable to accommodate moving pods or other large shipping containers.

Mission Bay Tenants may borrow blue moving carts or vacuums from the Housing Services office anytime during regular business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. To borrow a cart or vacuum, tenants must leave a driver’s license or passport with the Housing office as collateral.

From June 26 through July 1, you can anticipate a “rush” (a wait for elevators, a shortage of “blue carts” and vacuums, traffic congestion, and lines at the Housing Office).  At Mission Bay, a limit of 3 hours will apply to blue cart and vacuum use. A valid Driver’s License or Passport will be necessary to check out blue carts and vacuums.

Please note that Giants’ Baseball home games can have a significant impact on Mission Bay traffic and move-out activities. Please consult the Giants’ Baseball schedule to ensure minimal conflict for your move:

Notifying Providers of Your Move

Luxer Locker Accounts for Mission Bay Tenants
Mission Bay tenants must remove their information from the Luxer Locker system:
1. Sign into your LuxerOne account.
2. Click on “Settings” at the top of the page.
3. Under “My locations,” click “Remove” next to your UCSF Housing address.

Address change notifications:
•  U.S. Post Office Change of Address:
•  Notify banks, insurance companies, magazines, alumni associations, etc.
•  Update your address with your usual On Line Retailers (like Amazon, Zappos, Sephora, J.Crew, etc.)
•  Remove Name Label (if any) from your mailbox
•  Notify Housing Services of your Forwarding Address at check-out

Notify Utility Providers of Service Termination.
Please do not tell PG&E to “turn off” power at your apartment. Instead, tell them to “take the billing out of your name.” PG&E will not bill you for services used after the date you are released from your Housing Agreement.

Tenants in 4-Bedroom apartments at Mission Bay and Avenues Housing (except Irving and faculty housing) do not need to call to stop PG&E Services, as these accounts are already under the University’s name.
PG&E: (800) 743-5000

Before You Leave

Clean your apartment.
Note that you will be charged for the removal of any personal items left behind in the room, even if you consider it a “gift” to custodial staff or incoming tenants.
•  Wipe countertops, cupboards
•  Wash interior windows
•  Mop Floors, Vacuum Carpets - you may borrow a vacuum from the Mission Bay Housing Services office
•  Scrub toilets, sinks, bathtub
•  Dust window sills, door frames
•  Remove nails, tape & marks from walls
•  Clean Fridge, Freezer, Oven & Range
•  Clear out closets and bathroom cabinet
•  Take out garbage & recycling
•  Leave fridge ON to prevent mold

You may wish to consider hiring a cleaning service. We encourage you to research any cleaning company and get recommendations. Housing Services does not endorse any particular service.

Pay any outstanding balances on your account.
Post-departure property damage and cleaning charges will be billed to your account and are due within 90 days of your contract end date. We will notify you if you have any outstanding charges or credits within 21 days of the end of your contract. After 90 days, all outstanding accounts are turned over to a credit collections agency.

Laundry Card
Your card may have some credit remaining on it. Sell or give the card to another tenant.

Other Resources

Need a Reference for your Off-Campus Landlord?
If you have been a tenant in UCSF Housing, we can provide your prospective landlord with a reference. Many tenants find this useful, as future landlords will want this to support your application. As part of a U.S. educational institution, UCSF Housing Services is bound by some federal privacy laws (FERPA). This law requires that you give permission before we can release information about you.
Please sign into your Tenant Portal and go to the Forms tab to fill out the Tenant Information Release Form.

Early Terminations
To terminate your housing agreement/contract, go to your Tenant Portal and go to the Forms tab to fill out your Application to Terminate.  Please submit your Application to Terminate at least 30 Days in advance of your intended move-out date. Please note that it may be difficult to break (terminate) your Housing Agreement during winter and spring quarters.  Replacement tenants are difficult to find due to low applicant pool numbers at this time of year.

Thank you for choosing UCSF Housing Services! We hope you enjoyed your time here, and we wish you luck in your future pursuits. Have a safe and healthy journey!