Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Log Into the Facilities Maintenance Request Portal Here.

Take a tour of the site in this welcome video.

A few things to note:
Be sure to use the Housing options for any Housing related requests.
You may not request housing keys via this website. Please contact the Housing Office directly for any key-related needs.

Circle around Housing Icon for work orders

For Housing Facilities Emergencies, call (415) 476-2021

Examples of Emergency Maintenance Requests Include:
1. Overflow toilets
2. Gas/ Odor Leaks
3. Roof/ Ceiling Leaks
4. Loss of Electrical Service
5. Major Plumbing/ Water Leaks
6. Domestic Hot/ Cold Water Outage
7. Sewer Back-Up/ Flood
8. Broken Window/ Door
9. Fire Alarm Malfunction (Beeping Smoke Detector)
10. Threat of Structural Collapse
11. Sparking Outlet, Electrical Fixture, or Stove
12. Broken Refrigerator

UCSF Facilities Management provides 24-hour response to elevator problems and emergencies.
Call 415-476-2231 for repairs during normal business hours. For after hours, holidays and weekend service, call Facilities Management at 415-476-2021.

For Lock Outs:
If a tenant is locked out, the tenant or additional occupants on the lease may check out a temporary key at no cost from Housing Services during regular business hours. If the tenant fails to return the temporary key within 2 business days, the key will be considered lost, and the tenant will be charged accordingly. During non-business hours, Parnassus tenants may contact UCSF Police at (415) 476-1414 and Mission Bay tenants may contact the Mission Bay security desk at (415) 317-7899. Tidelands tenants may contact the security desk at (415) 680-6105. Mount Zion tenants may call (415) 476-1414.

During business hours, Mission Bay and Tidelands tenants should still call the security desk at their location. Parnassus and Mount Zion tenants should call Housing at 415-514-4550.

UCSF Police charge a fee for this service that is billed through Housing Services, and a $40 fee may be added to the tenant’s account for each lockout incident.