Wireless at UCSF Housing

What are the 3 networks available in housing?

Secure network available to all UCSF affiliates with UCSF email and credentials. 
We recommend all UCSF affiliates use this network for all their needs. 

Secure network intended for use within Housing for partners/roommates/family members who are not affiliated with UCSF.
Register your devices for access to this network. Follow the instructions below to register devices.

UCSF Guest:
Not secure and limited access to the internet. Intended for guest use and basic internet needs.
Do not use to make any payments or secure access via UCSF Guest.

5th Avenue Tenants:
You have individual wireless for each home. Please see this document for your network and password.

Before you connect to UCSFHousing
Update your UCID in the Housing Portal

(note: this can take 24-48 hours to process)

Fully check-in to your unit in housing. You will receive a confirmation email for inspection instructions once you’ve checked in.

Connecting to UCSFHousing Wireless
1. Access your SSID & Password information here:
UCSFHousing Network Guide (You will need to access through UCSF MyAccess.)
2. Your device will connect to UCSFHousing automatically and will take you to the login screen (https://wifi.ucsf.edu/guest).
3. Log in using your UCSF email and password.
4. Click on “create device” to register your device with its MAC address (12 characters long), then confirm.
5. Disconnect from UCSFHousing wireless from the device you used to register. After a few minutes, reconnect.

UCSFHousing Network Guide (Long-version)
You will need to access through UCSF MyAccess

UCSF Wireless Network Troubleshooting Guide

Still having WiFi issues? Submit a UCSF IT ticket

Please note: UCSF Housing WiFi networks are only accessible to units whose leaseholders have a UCSF email address. Non-UCSF affiliates will only be able to access the UCSF Guest network. UCSF Housing Wireless is available at the following locations: 3rd Avenue Homes, 145 Irving, Mission Bay, Tidelands