Current Tenants

Current Tenants

On this page, you will find the maintenance & tenant portal, policies & forms, renters insurance information, and more. Online handbooks and checklists are to the right.

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For Housing Facilities Emergencies, please call Facilities Services at (415) 476-2021 . Let them know this is an urgent issue that needs immediate attention.

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❏ Our office and staff information can be found here.
❏ Information about construction impacts on UCSF Mission Bay Housing Tenants.
❏ Everything you need to know about Security and Safety.

General Information

Locked Out?

If a tenant is locked out, the tenant or additional occupants on the lease may check out a temporary key at no cost from Housing Services during regular business hours. If the tenant fails to return the temporary key within 2 business days, the key will be considered lost, and the tenant will be charged accordingly. During non-business hours, Parnassus tenants may contact UCSF Police at (415) 476-1414 and Mission Bay tenants may contact the Mission Bay security desk at (415) 317-7899. Tidelands tenants may contact the Tidelands security desk at (415) 680-6105. UCSF Police charge a fee for this service that is billed through Housing Services, and a $25 fee will be added to the tenant’s account for each lockout incident. The lock-out fee will be waived a maximum of two times during the entire period of the tenancy.

Need a Reference for your Off-Campus Landlord?

If you have been a tenant in UCSF Housing, we can provide your prospective landlord with a reference. Many tenants find this useful, as future landlords will want this to support your application. As part of a U.S. educational institution, UCSF Housing Services is bound by some federal privacy laws (FERPA). This law requires that you give permission before we can release information about you. Sign into your Tenant Portal and fill out the Tenant Information Release for Rental Reference form.

Samples of Housing Forms

❏ Tenant Release Authorization Form Sample
❏ Additional Occupant Addendum Sample
Parking Form Sample for Parnassus
Motorcycle Form Sample for Aldea
Storage Application Sample for Mission Bay bicycles

Information on Bed Bugs

California Assembly Bill 551 requires landlords to provide this information to prospective renters and current tenants.  The availability of this information to you does not imply that any specific property has had a bed bug infestation; this information is provided as general information in compliance with state law.