Housing Services Sustainability

UCSF Housing Services strives to integrate sustainable practices in everything that we do.

From UCSF Living Green-rated offices to low-flow toilets, we are focused on supporting the University of California’s mission of being carbon neutral and having zero waste.

We support these initiatives by:

* Installing low flow shower heads, aerators, and toilets
* Installing smart meters in our landscaping, saving water
* Sorting compost, recycling, and trash (landfill) and using compactors (maximizing space used = less trucks needed)
* Sorting and collecting styrofoam and cardboard for recycling
* Collecting used glasses, batteries, and electronics for recycling
* Constructing all of our new buildings at LEED Silver or higher
* Installing LED exterior lighting which saves on energy
* Using non-toxic cleaning supplies
* Educating and promoting sustainable practices
* Certifying our offices as UCSF Living Green
* Having a designated Sustainable Planner that makes every effort to educate our tenants on sorting their trash, recycling, and compost. Also encouraging the use of personal cups (rather than paper, plastic), as well as using compostable cutlery and plates for events.

Read more about our sustainability projects at our Aldea San Miguel community here.

UCSF Housing at The Tidelands is LEED Gold certified. Read about the sustainable features of the building here and in this UCSF Office of Sustainability article.

Read about Housing Services’ very own sustainability champion here.


Everyone who comes to UCSF can do their part to help us reach our goal of being a more sustainable campus. Learn more about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle at UCSF Housing here.

Also, watch this video and find out how we can all live greener.

By learning to sort your trash, you can cut down on landfill and keep our planet healthy.
Learn how to be a green citizen by properly sorting your waste.

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