COVID-19 FAQs & Resources for Our Tenants

Published on March 19, 2020


UCSF Housing Services understands that there is a lot of uncertainty and stress surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). We aim to answer all your questions and support you during this time. We are working with UCSF campus and medical professionals to provide you with the most up-to-date information that we have.

UCSF Announcement on Self-Reporting:
All UCSF affiliates who test positive or have previously tested positive for COVID-19 at an outside facility (e.g., Kaiser, Sutter) must self-report these results to the appropriate UCSF department, as outlined below.

- Students must self-report positive test result to UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services by calling (415) 476-8736 or to the student health nurse.
- Faculty, staff, trainees, and volunteers must self-report positive test result to UCSF Occupational Health Services (OHS) by calling the COVID-19 hotline at (415) 514-7328 or emailing ohs(at) 
- Anyone who provides services for UCSF on a contract basis (e.g., on-site vendors) are strongly encouraged, though not required, to disclose positive test results to OHS.
- Occupants of UCSF Housing with no official UCSF affiliation (“other occupants”) are strongly encouraged, though not required, to disclose positive test results to OHS.
- Self-reporting positive test results to supervisors or advisors is not required.

This policy applies to all students and personnel at UCSF and UCSF Health, regardless of whether you are working on-site or remotely, paid or unpaid. It will remain in effect until further notice.

UCSF is committed to protecting your personal health information. All COVID-19 test results will be kept strictly confidential and used only for limited, health-related purposes, including contact tracing and other activities to address employee, student, and patient safety as directed by UCSF OHS and Infection Prevention Services. Test results will be kept only in the appropriate health records, separate from personnel files or student records.

Click here to learn more about the self-reporting policy:
Questions about this policy can be addressed to UCSF OHS at (415) 514-7328 or ohs(at)

Frequently Asked Questions for Housing

The UCSF Housing Community

Q: Is campus housing closed?
A: Our offices are physically closed but we are here to assist you! You can still contact us via housing(at) or by calling 415-514-4550. Our housing buildings remain open for our tenants.

Q: Will you be sending out updates about what is going on in Housing?
A: Yes, at the end of every week we will continue to send out Tenant Update emails. In addition, you can see resources our events team has gathered for you here.

Q: I am looking to help out in my community. Do you have any resources?
A: Yes! Our tenants set this resource up for their neighbors in Housing. Sign up to volunteer here. This sheet is set up and run by tenants; Housing Services is sharing on their behalf. As always, continue practicing social distancing when interacting with others.

Q: I am looking for someone to help me (shopping, errands, etc.). Who can I ask?
A: Sign up here to receive help from your community members.

Health & Safety

Q: My roommate is planning on having a visitor come to our apartment. Is this ok?
A: Housing Services requests that you refrain from having visitors in UCSF buildings, in compliance with the UCSF Coronavirus Visitors Guide.  This is especially important in shared apartments and houses. Please do not invite non-essential visitors onto the property.  Please be concerned about your health, about your guests’ health – and about everyone else’s wellbeing within our community. You must receive approval from all roommates if you plan on hosting a guest.

Q: Are you cleaning the common areas in our housing buildings?
A: UCSF Facilities Services has increased cleaning of all Housing common areas, and is taking extra precautions when entering tenant units. We have significantly reduced the need to enter tenants’ properties, and are only addressing the most essential services (like flood, fire, gas leak, etc.) We are following CDC standards for cleaning products and protocols.

Q: Should I be worried about the ventilation in my unit?
A: Each campus apartment has an individual air ventilation system. The systems do not connect units with each other through a central air system.

Q: I don’t have a face mask. What do I do?
A: You can either make one or pick up one from the Mission Hall security desk or Medical Sciences Building security desk.

Rent & Moving In/Out

Q: I applied to move in this Summer. What is the status?
A: We have already booked placements for May. We are sending out offers for June-August placements now.

Q: I want to leave my UCSF Housing apartment and terminate my lease. Can I do that right away?
A: You may terminate without penalty if you choose to move-out prior to 6/1/20. (You must submit your request to terminate by May 15, 2020.) Housing Services will stop billing on your requested move-out date. A “30 Day Notice” or “Replacement Tenant” is not required, but we would appreciate knowing your plans so that we can schedule prompt cleaning and maintenance of your unit as far in advance as possible. If you leave but have already paid rent, Housing Services will provide you a prorated refund. For any other questions regarding payment, you may contact HousingFinance(at)

Q: My program changed our timelines. Can I get an extension for my current apartment in UCSF Housing?
A: We understand that things are changing rapidly. Please contact HousingAssignments(at) for extension questions.

Q: I cannot afford to pay my rent on the first of this month. Can I delay payment?
A: Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Housing Services will not charge late fees for May. If you are able to make a payment, please do so. We are unable to offer rent reductions or waivers. However, if you need to defer your rent past May or can only pay a portion of it, please contact us immediately so we can work out a payment plan. If you have any questions, please email HousingFinance(at)

Q: What are you doing to clean the apartments before someone moves in?
A: Our facilities team is wearing PPE while cleaning and disinfecting units, 3 days after they have been vacated. If the former Tenant had self-reported being COVID-19 positive, the cleaning is overseen by UCSF Environmental Health & Safety, using CDC guidelines for disinfection.

Q: I’m moving out. Is it okay to leave right now? Are moving companies around to help me?
A: Here is a list of moving company options that are offering discounts right now.
The newest guidelines state that moving residences is allowed during the current shelter-in-place. Please follow the social distancing guidelines while moving, wear a mask and gloves, and make sure the moving companies are following CDC guidelines. Here is an article from LA about moving during this uncertain time.

Additional Housing Resources

Q: I need urgent housing, but I am not eligible to move into UCSF Housing right now. Where can I stay?
A: Along with the Short-Term lodging resources available, Housing Services has gathered additional resources for UCSF affiliates impacted by COVID-19. Housing Services is unable to assist you in covering the cost of your accommodations.
Students experiencing housing insecurity due to COVID-19 can contact Student Financial Services at finaid(at)

These listings are not affiliated in any manner with UCSF. Moreover, Housing Services does not investigate, endorse or guarantee the accommodations listed.

If you are looking for below-market rate housing in San Francisco, you may be able to apply for the city’s housing lottery. See more info here.

If you have any other questions, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Please visit the UCSF COVID-19 website for more university-wide information.

If you are a UCSF international postdoc, follow this step-by-step guide for accessing the Postdoctoral Scholar COVID-19-related services.

Here are more FAQs about COVID-19, answered by UC doctors.