Youth Tae Kwon Do

UCSF youth instructors have extensive experience with young children and specialize in the skills they teach. We create a positive and interactive environment where children learn respect for one another, develop motor skills, have fun, and more!

Tae Kwon Do
Ages 6-12 years
Ages 13 years up
We’re growing self-esteem, confidence, and physical conditioning with this dynamic martial art known for powerful and exciting kicking. A white uniform is required and may be purchased from the instructor for $35. Instructors: Steve Rogers, 5th degree black belt and Steve Rogers Jr., 5th degree black belt. (No class 9/1)

ages 6-12 years
Sa7/7-9/2910:35 am-12:15 pmParnassus, Studio 1$145/1952910.101Register
Sa7/7-9/293:00-4:30 pmParnassus, Studio 1$145/1952910.102Register
Sa7/7-9/293:00-4:30 pmMission Bay, Studio 1$145/1952910.151Register
ages 13 years up
Sa7/7-9/291:00-2:30 pmParnassus, Studio 1$145/1952910.103Register

Advanced Tae Kwon Do Workout Parnassus only
Ages 8-17 years
Kids and teens: Strengthen your skills and prepare for your next competition. Open to red, brown, or black belts. Instructors: Steve Rogers, 5th degree black belt.

ages 8-17 years
Su7/224:00-5:30 pmStudio 1$20/252911.101Register
Su8/194:00-5:30 pmStudio 1$20/252911.102Register
Su9/234:00-5:30 pmStudio 1$20/252911.103Register