Pilates Instructor Profiles

Level 3

Jackie RodriguezJackie Rodriguez
fitness philosophy: “I enjoy sharing the benefits and rewards of Pilates with my clients. Pilates is about a strong core and this relates to a healthy body since all movements initiate from your center.”
specialization: Works with athletes like runners, swimmers, tri-athletes and individuals training for sports, as well as all fitness levels. Utilizing Pilates movements specific to the clients needs, a targeted approach is used to help clients achieve greater flexibility, agility, alignment and core strength with the body.
experience: Primary focus in private, semi private and group classes. Trained in Ron Fletcher Advanced Intensive Floor work, Pilates workshops with Master teacher Diane Severino and workshops on scoliosis under direction of Madeline Black.
credentials: Ron Fletcher® Comprehensive Certified, Pilates Method® Alliance Certified, TRX® Certified, PiYo Certified

Miquel BanketMiquel Banket
fitness philosophy: “My fitness philosophy is to make each and every client connect to their body. To use the exercises created by Joseph Pilates and help clients return to their life, stronger, taller, and free of limitations preventing them from living their best life.”
specialization: Working with any body type, from the most physically fit to those with injuries. Some of my former clients had the following: Sciatica, frozen Shoulder, bulging discs, neck/ back pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spinal fusions, osteoporosis, tendonitis, hyper mobility, and multiple sclerosis.
experience: Teach private and group classes in a gym setting as well as private studios. Assisted master teachers in seminars, workshops, as well as work closely with the Romana’s pilates apprentice program. Created/coordinated special programs and workshops for studios in NYC, and also taught several seminars on the pilates Baby Chair, Wunda Chair, and Guillotine.
credentials: Romana’s Pilates Certification 2009 at True Pilates in NYC; CPR

Level 2

Hilary KwanHilary Kwan
fitness philosophy: “I use the Pilates system and principles to help you achieve your goals, including get stronger, more aligned, and more control with movements. By moving with more awareness, efficiency, and strength, it also decreases the chance of injury and pain in life. I’m a strong believer of Joseph Pilates’ quote “The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power.””
specialization: Works with all fitness levels, specializes in prenatal/postnatal, posture improvement
experience: Teaching privates and group classes since 2014
credentials: Completed College of San Mateo Teacher Training for Reformer/Mat and Balance Body Apparatus I, TRX qualified trainer

Level 1

Katie PecaroKatie Pecaro
fitness philosophy: “Everyone can benefit from the principles of Pilates. Through mindful movement, we can strengthen our body and mind, increase flexibility, and improve balance. As an instructor, I want you to feel stronger, leave class feeling restored, and have more ease in daily activities. Pilates can help you achieve your goals and truly is for everybody.”
specialization: Pre- and Post-natal, new clients
experience: Private sessions, and small group apparatus
credentials: Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates through EHS in San Francisco. Advanced Reformer Training with Balanced Body Master Trainer, Tom McCook, at Center of Balance in Mountain View.

Lorna BernardoLorna Bernardo
fitness philosophy: “Being physically fit and strong is empowering and isn’t necessarily exclusive to those under 40. Fitness should be fun. Do exercise you enjoy.  Find activities that challenge you physically. Work hard and focus on how good your body feels. You will be more likely to keep going.  Maintain the fun factor by adding variety or working out with your friends. This is YOUR play time.  It is sacred. The time you invest in keeping fit today will pay off in spades in aging gracefully.”
specialization: Post rehab strength training with an emphasis in rebuilding functional strength. Pre/post natal clients, senior adult fitness,  functional strength training, injury prevention and pain management, Parkinson’s training, cancer training and sports specific training.
experience: 15 years experience as a Fitness Professional in Pilates and Personal Training with a emphasis working with people with chronic injuries; Group Fitness, Small Group Fitness, Pilates, Pilates Mat, Senior Fitness, Cancer training, Parkinson’s training
credentials: NPTI, NPTI Post Rehab Specialist,  Balanced Body Pilates, Pre/Post Natal, Senior Fitness, SCW Group Fitness

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