Welcome Workout

Are you looking to compete in your first marathon?
Do you need new ideas to incorporate into your workout routine?
Are you having trouble seeing the results you want and you don’t know why?
Or maybe being a member of a gym is new to you.

All new members receive complimentary sessions with a certified personal trainer and a Pilates instructor. They are well versed in all areas of health and fitness and can help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be.

At the beginning of your training session you will discuss with the trainer your health history, your fitness goals, and previous workout experience. You will go through baseline fitness testing to establish a starting point for you. The trainer will then use this information to design a workout that is specific to your goals and your needs. During the session, you will learn proper exercise techniques, experience the benefits of an individualized program and will have the satisfaction of knowing you are one step closer to reaching your goals.

Haven’t had your welcome workout yet?

To schedule an appointment, contact:
415.514.4540 Charlotte, Fitness Assistant Manger at Parnassus
415.514.4538 Adrienne, Fitness Manager at Mission Bay

We look forward to matching you with a trainer that best suits your goals and needs.