Pilates is an innovative system of mind/body exercises. Evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates, it utilizes spring resistance equipment and Pilates mat exercises. You can choose between customized one-on-one private sessions, semi-private sessions, a series of equipment classes, or single class drop-in.

Welcome Workout

Welcome Workouts are designed for new members to receive complimentary sessions with a certified personal trainer and a Pilates instructor. The free consult is a time when you can tell the instructor what your needs are, and plan a basic program that fits your needs. The instructor may ask you to get a Physician’s Clearance Form prior to the session if he/she feels it is necessary. They are well versed in all areas of health and fitness and can help you reach your goals, whatever those goals may be. At the beginning of your training session you will learn more about Pilates and discuss your health history, fitness goals, and previous workout experience to help you establish a starting point. The instructor can then use this information to design a plan for you. During the session, you will learn proper exercise techniques and experience the benefits of an individualized program.

Pilates Reformer Plus

•  Bare feet recommended when working on the equipment. Socks are permitted but can increase the risk of slipping.
•  Wear comfortable exercise clothing that is not baggy.
•  Keep belongings in studio cubbies or day lockers, located in the locker rooms.

Pilates Private and Partner Training

•  Pilates Private/Semi-Private sessions expire 90 days from the date of purchase.
•  Pilates Private/Semi-Private sessions are not refundable.
•  Sessions are to be paid directly to the UCSF Fitness & Recreation Centers.
•  Your signature is required on your Pilates contract to verify a session was provided on the date redeemed.
•  Your Pilates training session begins at the scheduled time. Latecomers will receive the remaining amount of time scheduled in the session.
•  Cancellations of scheduled sessions require 24 hours notification in advance. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be forfeited.
•  Non-member Pilates private clients must present a guest pass for each visit.
•  Anyone not satisfied with a scheduled instructor may request a different instructor by contacting the Fitness Manager or Assistant Fitness Manager.
•  A doctor’s clearance may be required at the manager or instructor’s discretion.