Group X


Group X classes are included with Premier membership. Reservations are recommended for popular classes. Book a spot starting at 7:00 pm daily for next day classes. Premier members have several options to reserve a spot in class:

• Mobile app: see below for more info
• Online:
• Phone: 415.514.4545 (Mission Bay), 415.476.1115 (Parnassus)
• In-person

Mobile App Instructions
• To download our mobile app, search for “UCSF Fitness & Recreation” in the app store.
• Log in with your username and password. If you do not know it, click “forgot username/password”.
• Still having trouble? Get more info at or contact Member Services to have your password reset, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Non-members can participate by purchasing a 10-Visit Pass or day pass.

10-Visit Pass
• Good for use at Mission Bay & Parnassus
• Valid for 90 days from date of purchase
• Includes Group X classes and all areas of fitness center, plus towel service
• Class reservations accepted by phone and in-person starting at 7:00 pm for next day classes

Single Day Pass (Adult)
• Group X classes included on a space available basis
• Includes Group X classes and all areas of fitness center, plus towel service
• Receipts for two single-day passes can be applied towards your membership enrollment fee

Class Procedures
OpensAvailable until
Reservation7:00 pm the night prior to class30 minutes prior to class
CancellationAvailable immediately after booking1 hour prior to class

(Members who are late, but check in to the fitness center within 30 minutes will not be counted as a no show.)
Standby list15 minutes prior to class5 minutes prior to class, names will be called off the standby list
Check in30 minutes prior to class; get your class entry card at the service desk5 minutes prior to class
No show
2 no shows in a calendar month = loss of booking privilege for next month.
Members are still able to attend classes on a standby basis.

(Members who are late, but check in to the fitness center within 30 minutes will not be counted as a no show.)

What is the difference between your Spinning program and other cycling programs?
Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF are official Spinning® Centers. Spinning® is a licensed trademark where instructors are required to be Spinning® Certified and trained to coach participants to ride efficiently in each of the five energy zones, simulating a road ride: Endurance, Interval, Strength, Recovery and Race Day.

Each class offers the participants of all fitness levels the chance to experience the benefits of calorie-burning, energizing workouts at a self-directed pace. Our bikes have a SPINPower® Computer Console that offers the riders the most accurate reading of watts and kilojoules for detailed training data about calorie burning workouts, increased strength, and improved overall fitness. It is our hope that every ride is your best ride.

Visit for more information regarding this comprehensive cycling program.

Am I required to wear a heart rate monitor during Spinning classes?
No, however, we highly recommend the use of a monitor to make the most of every ride. Monitors assist you in gaging the intensity of each Energy Zone workout so your workout is efficient and safe and you avoid over or under training.

Are heart rate monitors available for Spinning classes?
No, we do not provide them, but you are welcome to bring one.

Do I need special shoes for Spinning classes?
No, special shoes are not necessary. Basic hard soled tennis or court shoes are fine.

If I want to purchase a special shoe for Spinning classes, what type of shoe would you recommend, and where would I purchase this shoe?
Spinning bikes are equipped with an SPD bike pedal. You can purchase shoes to accommodate these pedals at any sports or cycling store. Tell the sales person the shoe is for indoor cycling classes.


Are Group X classes included with a membership?

Group Fitness classes are free with Premier memberships only. Standard members, UCSF employees and general public must purchase a 10-Visit Pass or Single Visit Pass to participate.

Can my child participate in Group X classes?

Participation in Group X Classes is available to children 15 and over.

I am new to exercise and I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any suggestions?

It is always a great idea to get a full medical checkup before you begin a new fitness program. Here are some helpful tips: Going with a friend to a new class is usually more fun and might give you greater confidence. Arrive ten minutes early to get some beginner’s tips from the instructor and chat with other participants. Wear comfortable clothing, drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Take the first few classes slowly. If you struggle during class take the easier options or take a break. It’s our job to help you! See the instructor after class if you have any questions. Three is the magic number! Attend three classes to get into the swing of things and remember that like all new experiences it takes time to get used to it and enjoy it.

What classes do you recommend for individuals who haven’t exercised for awhile or are new to exercise?

Exercise choices are very personal. Generally, entry level participants enjoy group experiences such as ZUMBA® Lite, Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, and Feldenkrais.

Is it okay for me to exercise while I am pregnant?

While pregnancy is not the time to start a vigorous new exercise regime, nor is it the time to stop exercising regularly. There are however, a few exercise guidelines to take into consideration. Always obtain your physician’s, midwife’s or prenatal caretaker’s approval with any pre/postnatal exercises. If you have been exercising regularly, it is OK to continue exercising while you are pregnant as long as you have your physician’s approval and the program follows ACOG guidelines. Never begin a brand new exercise program when you are pregnant.

What should I wear to the classes?

You should wear comfortable workout clothes and cross training shoes. No black soled shoes are permitted in the Studios. Some classes may require bare feet and that will be noted. We require that shoes are worn at all times throughout the fitness center. We also recommend bringing a water bottle, towel, and yoga mat..

What do I need for the yoga classes?
We recommend purchasing your own yoga mat.
What are Les Mills programs?

Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF are licensed Les Mills program providers in BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP®, BODYJAM®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYFLOW®, CXWORX®, and GRIT®. Great music, choreography, and certified, passionate instructors inspire exhilarating workouts that deliver results. New music, choreography and education are released every three months to keep the programs fresh and attractive.

Visit to learn more about the fitness system that is changing our world.