Group X


Group X classes are included with Premier membership. Non-members can participate by purchasing a 10-Visit Pass. Classes are ongoing on a drop-in basis, with reservations recommended to guarantee your spot. Class schedules are available by visiting our website or the Service Desk. Or, access our daily schedule on your phone with the CLS Mobile App. (Download for free at the Android and iPhone app stores.) Check in at the Service Desk and pick up a class entry card as early as 20 minutes prior and 5 minutes after scheduled class start times. For safety, studio entry is not permitted 10 minutes after class begins.

Due to minimum enrollment requirements, Group X classes with a consistent enrollment of less than 15 participants are subject to elimination from the group fitness schedule.

10-Visit Pass

A 10-Visit pass may be used for all Group X classes. The pass includes full access to both Fitness Centers and is valid for 90 days from date of purchase. The Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF are not responsible for refunds, transfers, or extensions.

Single Visit Pass

Non-members can enjoy full access by purchasing a Single Visit Pass. Pass can be used to reserve same-day Group X classes on a space-available basis. The pass includes full access to the Fitness Centers.

Class Reservation Procedures

To guarantee your space in class, we highly recommend that you make a reservation.
•  Premier members can reserve by phone, in person, or online. A waitlist is available.
•  10-Visit Pass customers can reserve by phone or in person if there is space. A waitlist is not available.
•  Reservations begin at 7:00 pm daily for next day classes.

As a courtesy to fellow participants, please call if there is a need to cancel. Reservation privileges are revocable with habitual no-shows.

Class Check-in and Studio Arrival

Pick up a class-entry card at the Service Desk prior to start of class. Entry cards are available prior to and up to 5 minutes after class start time. Arrive within 10 minutes of start time to ensure a safe workout.

Class Cancellations

Classes are rarely cancelled; however, from time to time instructor emergencies and unexpected occurrences arise. We will make every effort to communicate instructor changes and class cancellations on our online reservation system as early as possible. Please be sure to check the website for daily updates. We suggest having a plan “B” in mind in case of an unforeseen cancellation. Work out on a piece of cardio equipment on the fitness floor or try a different class. To receive timely class change information, please verify your contact information online or with Member Services.

Group X Studios

On occasion, we may experience a challenge with the stereo system or class equipment. We maintain equipment (stereo, microphone, speakers, Spinning bikes, air conditioning etc.) regularly but unexpected malfunctions can arise. Your patience is appreciated as we troubleshoot to fix a problem quickly.

Studio temperatures may fluctuate at times. Rooms are maintained at a comfortable temperature; however, we recommend dressing in layers, especially during the colder months of the year. For safety reasons, it is best to avoid adjusting the thermostat as changes in room temperature may cause condensation and slippery floors, which could be hazardous with dance and equipment based classes.

Group X Studio Guidelines
•  For safety, all classes close 10 minutes after class begins.
•  Black-soled or street shoes are not permitted in the studios.
•  Studio equipment is to remain in the studios or storage closet.
•  SMARTBAR system is for BODYPUMP and GRIT classes only; please do not use for other activities or classes.
•  Spinning bikes are for classes only.
•  Stereo system is for classes only.
•  Please be respectful of the instructor and fellow participants by adhering to the routine of the instructor.
•  Please bring water and a towel to class.
•  Members are welcome to stretch in the studios when the rooms are not in use for classes or scheduled appointments.
• While a class is in session, only enter if you are participating in the class.
• All participants must present a class entry card to instructor or assistant. (No card, no entry into class).
• Cell phones, photo, and video devices are not permitted in the studios.


What is the difference between your Spinning program and other cycling programs?
Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF are official Spinning Centers. Instructors are Spinning certified and trained to coach participants to ride efficiently in each of the five Spinning Energy Zones: Endurance, Interval, Strength, Recovery and Race day.

Each 40-minute class offers participants of all fitness levels the chance to experience the benefits of calorie-burning, energizing workouts at a self-directed pace. Heart rate training is the cornerstone of the Spinning program.

Spin computers at Parnassus are provided to monitor heart rate and cadence throughout each of the five energy zones, for effective calorie burning workouts, increased strength and improved overall fitness. It is our hope that every ride is your best ride.

Visit for more information regarding this comprehensive cycling program.

Am I required to wear a heart rate monitor during Spinning classes?
No, however, we highly recommend the use of a monitor to make the most of every ride. Monitors assist you in gaging the intensity of each Energy Zone workout so your workout is efficient and safe and you avoid over or under training.

Are heart rate monitors available for Spinning classes?
No, we do not provide them, but you are welcome to bring one.

Do I need special shoes for Spinning classes?
No, special shoes are not necessary. Basic hard soled tennis or court shoes are fine.

If I want to purchase a special shoe for Spinning classes, what type of shoe would you recommend, and where would I purchase this shoe?
Spinning bikes are equipped with an SPD bike pedal. You can purchase shoes to accommodate these pedals at any sports or cycling store. Tell the sales person the shoe is for indoor cycling classes.


Are Group X classes included with a membership?

Group Fitness classes are free with Premier memberships only. Standard members, UCSF employees and general public must purchase a 10-Visit Pass or Single Visit Pass to participate.

Do I have to be a member to take classes at your fitness center?

No. Everyone is welcome. Non-members may drop into Group X classes by purchasing a 10-Visit Pass or Single Visit Pass.

Can I bring a guest to class?

Yes, you can bring a guest to class by purchasing a Single Visit Pass, which entitles your guest to attend Group X classes and have full access to the facilities. Visit our membership page for Single Visit Pass rates.

Can my child participate in Group X classes?

Participation in Group X Classes is available to children 15 and over.

Do I have to sign up in advance for classes?

To guarantee your space in class, we highly recommend that you make a reservation. Reservations for Group X classes begin at 7:00 pm for next day classes. Reserve a class by phone, in-person, or online.

A class reservation can only be made for the reserving party. As a courtesy to fellow participants, please call if there is a need to cancel. Reservation privileges are revocable with habitual no-shows.

How soon should I arrive for class?

All participants must check in at the service desk and pick up a class entry card prior to taking the class. Check-in is available as early as 20 minutes prior and 5 minutes after scheduled class start times. Participants are required to give the entry card to the class assistant or instructor at the studio.  For safety, studio entry is not permitted 10 minutes after class begins.

What if I make a class reservation and I am unable to make it to class?

As a courtesy to fellow participants, please call the service desk if there is need to cancel. Reservation privileges are revocable with habitual no shows.

I am new to exercise and I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any suggestions?

It is always a great idea to get a full medical checkup before you begin a new fitness program. Here are some helpful tips: Going with a friend to a new class is usually more fun and might give you greater confidence. Arrive ten minutes early to get some beginner’s tips from the instructor and chat with other participants. Wear comfortable clothing, drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Take the first few classes slowly. If you struggle during class take the easier options or take a break. It’s our job to help you! See the instructor after class if you have any questions. Three is the magic number! Attend three classes to get into the swing of things and remember that like all new experiences it takes time to get used to it and enjoy it.

What classes do you recommend for individuals who haven’t exercised for awhile or are new to exercise?

Exercise choices are very personal. Generally, entry level participants enjoy group experiences such as ZUMBA® Lite, Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, and Feldenkrais.

Is it okay for me to exercise while I am pregnant?

While pregnancy is not the time to start a vigorous new exercise regime, nor is it the time to stop exercising regularly. There are however, a few exercise guidelines to take into consideration. Always obtain your physician’s, midwife’s or prenatal caretaker’s approval with any pre/postnatal exercises. If you have been exercising regularly, it is OK to continue exercising while you are pregnant as long as you have your physician’s approval and the program follows ACOG guidelines. Never begin a brand new exercise program when you are pregnant.

What should I wear to the classes?

You should wear comfortable workout clothes and cross training shoes. No black soled shoes are permitted in the Studios. Some classes may require bare feet and that will be noted. We require that shoes are worn at all times throughout the fitness center. A water bottle is recommended for Spinning classes. We provide sweat towels.

What do I need for the yoga classes?
We recommend purchasing your own yoga mat.
What are Les Mills programs?

Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF are licensed Les Mills program providers in BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP®, BODYJAM®, BODYCOMBAT®, BODYFLOW®, CXWORX®, and GRIT®. Great music, choreography, and certified, passionate instructors inspire exhilarating workouts that deliver results. New music, choreography and education are released every three months to keep the programs fresh and attractive.

Visit to learn more about the fitness system that is changing our world.