Using the Fitness Centers

Facility Usage Policies

• Members must be at least 15 years old to use fitness equipment.
• Proper athletic attire must be worn on the fitness floor–no open-toed shoes, bare feet, street clothes, jeans, khakis, or scrubs.
• For the health and safety of others, do not apply colognes, perfumes, or fragrances in the fitness center.
• Please rack your weights.
• Do not drop weights.
• Exercise instruction may be provided by Fitness & Recreation staff only.
• There is a 30-minute limit on cardio machines when others are waiting.
• Please do not remove equipment from studios to use on fitness floor.
• Use of the UCSF Health and Wellness Center at Mission Bay is for supervised instruction only.
• Replace magazines, newspapers, and reading racks to their original locations.

Customer Conduct

• Water in a closed container is allowed in the Fitness & Recreation Centers.
• Please do not bring food, other beverages, or glass containers into the fitness centers.
• Treat other members and staff with respect.
• Yelling, swearing, and being verbally abusive to staff or members will not be tolerated.
• Please be considerate and patient of the fitness staff while they are working with clients.
• Please be respectful of other members during peak hours or when others are waiting, and follow the 30-minute rule on cardio equipment.
• Do not sit on equipment between sets while others are waiting.
• Wipe down equipment after use with the cleaning solution and cloth provided.

Cell Phone Use

• Phone calls in designated Phone Zones only.
• No phone calls in the locker rooms.
• Leave cell phones out of the sauna.
• Photo and video prohibited throughout the fitness centers.

Phone Zone locations:

Bakar Fitness Center
• First Floor: Next to the entry turnstile
• Second Floor: Next to the elevator
• Fourth Floor: Next to the Functional Training Studio
• Fourth Floor: Next to the Courts

Millberry Fitness Center
• Main Floor: Next to Studio 2
• Lower Floor: Next to the Women’s Locker Room
• Upper Floor: Next to the Courts

Appropriate Workout Attire

• All patrons of the fitness center must wear appropriate workout attire–shoes and shirts are required.
• Street clothes, jeans, khakis, street shoes, open-toed shoes, bare feet, and sandals are not permitted.
• For health reasons, working out in hospital scrubs is not permitted.


Those who are pregnant or have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and respiratory problems, should avoid exposure to high heat; please consult with your physician before using the sauna.
• Members and guests must be 15 years or older to use the sauna.
• Shower before entering sauna.
• Refrain from using scented products in the sauna.
• Towels and shower sandals only are to be worn in the sauna.
• Do not leave articles of clothing, shoes, etc., in the sauna to dry.
• Shaving, stretching, or exercising in the sauna is not permitted.
• Allow five minutes after exercise to cool down before entering the sauna.
• For safety reasons, please limit your sauna use to ten minutes.
• Per manufacturer specifications and for your safety, water may not be poured on the sauna rocks.

Program Credit & Refund Policy

The Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF adheres to a “no refund” policy for all customer-cancelled registration activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips; therefore:
• Credit is issued if a customer cancels seven days prior to the first day of an activity, program, session, lesson, pre-trip meeting, or trip
• For activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips costing more than $30, credit will be issued as a Gift Card for the amount paid less a $30 cancellation fee
• For activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips costing $30 or less, no credit will be issued and no cancellation fee will be charged
• No credit is issued if a customer cancels after the deadline stipulated above
• Refund is issued only when the Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF must cancel an activity, program, session, lesson, or trip
• Recreational Sports leagues also adhere to the above “no refund” and cancellation fee policies but have individual cancellation deadlines specific to each league
• All returned checks will be charged a $30 administrative fee


Can I bring guests to the fitness centers?

Yes. Members and students may host a maximum of 2 guests (including children) per visit. Guests must sign a guest waiver at the Service Desk and be accompanied by the hosting member at all times when entering the facility. Guests of students pay the regular adult guest rate. View our current guest fees.

Is parking available?

Discounted parking is offered to Fitness & Recreation members through UCSF Transportation Services. For details, visit:

What should I wear?

Appropriate exercise clothing and athletic shoes are required when working out. Rubber-soled shoes with a closed toe and heel must be worn in the gym, courts, and studios. Shoes and shirts are required. Please, no street clothes, jeans, hospital scrubs, or sandals

How do I get a locker rental?

Lockers that are available for rent can be identified by the orange sticker on the locker door. Remove the sticker and bring it to Member Services. A monthly fee is charged on a credit/debit card. Day-use lockers are available at no charge. Belongings that are left in day-use lockers at closing time will be removed and kept in storage for 30 days. Items not retrieved will be donated.

Please avoid leaving your belongings on the fitness floor or toting them along with you as you workout. Storing your belongings while you workout not only protects them from theft but also helps to avoid clutter on the fitness floor and in studios. We have open storage cubes on the fitness floor for your convenience.

How do I get an orientation on the proper use of the equipment?

Call the fitness manager to set an appointment, or leave your name and contact information at the front desk, or with any trainer.

What are the gym’s policies regarding use of the equipment?

All gym use policies are posted on the walls of the gym. You are required to rack your weights after using equipment. There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment during peak hours. Please wipe down equipment (including mats) after use.

Can I bring a trainer in from another gym?

No. Our fitness centers have a large team of highly skilled and qualified trainers to serve you. Each trainer that we hire must hold a National training certification. Our trainers are professional individuals who are happy to assist you whenever possible.