Youth Aquatics

Aquatic classes are cancelled until further notice due to pool maintenance.

Parent/Child Adjustment to Water

This class is intended for our littlest swimmers, so they can participate together with their parents. The program includes games, riddles, songs, and basic skills that will help your child build confidence in, around, and under water. Classes are 30 minutes long and have a student-teacher ratio of 10:1.

Level A is for those ages 6 months to two years old with little or no previous water experience.

Level B is for those ages 18 months to three years old who can submerge reluctantly, require flotation support at all times, or who would benefit from parent presence and support.

Classes are held in the indoor pool.

Pre-School Lessons

Ages 3 to 5 years; no parent participation. Your children will advance through the following three levels as their skills progress:

Preschool Level 1
Children start developing good attitudes and safe practices around the water. Children will start to learn the most elementary aquatic skills, which they’ll continue to build on as they progress through the other levels.

Preschool Level 2
Lessons builds on the basic aquatic skills learned in Starfish, and give children further success with fundamental aquatic skills performed to a slightly more advanced degree. This level marks the beginning of independent aquatic locomotion skills.

Preschool Level 3
The objective is to build on the skills previously learned by providing additional guided practice of basic aquatic skills, at slightly more proficient performance levels and greater distances. Skills in this level are performed independently.

Classes are held in the indoor pool.

Children’s Swim Lessons

Our Children’s Swim Lessons program are designed to meet the needs of children ages 6-15 with a wide range of abilities, from initial water adjustment to advanced skills and techniques.

Level 1
The objective is for children to learn basic personal water safety information and skills, while helping them feel comfortable in the water. Children will learn positive attitudes, good swimming habits, and safe practices in and around the water at this level.

Level 2
Children further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back, laying the foundation for future strokes.

Level 3
Your child works on coordinating the front and back crawl, along with survival floating. Scissors and dolphin kicks, along with the fundamentals of treading water, are introduced.

Level 4
The focus is on improving swimming skills and increasing endurance. This level continues to build on the sidestroke and introduces the breaststroke and butterfly, along with the basics of turning at a wall.

Level 5
Performance and refinement of all the strokes are emphasized with a focus on increasing distances. Flip turns are also introduced.

Level 6
Students refine their strokes and learn to swim with more ease, proficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances.

Levels 1-6 classes are held in the indoor pool.
Fitness Swim classes are held in the outdoor pool.

Kids Pre-Swim Team

This introduction to competitive swimming is designed for children who have graduated from the UCSF swim lessons program. For children that can demonstrate front crawl and elementary backstroke for 50 yards; breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly for 25 yards. The class explores and refines the four competitive strokes, flip turns, starts, and speed during the 60-minute session.

Classes held in the indoor pool.