Lactation Policies and Information

Know your breastfeeding rights, get family support policies and information.

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Lactation Accommodation Policies
State of California Breastfeeding Laws AB1025
UC Policy Accommodations for Nursing Mothers (PPSM84)

Family Support Policies and Information
UC Net: What to do if you’re having a baby
Access to planning information and tools for UC employees

Quick Links to Family Policies
Links to policies and resources for planning a dependent care leave and return to work/school
A centralized location for parents, and others, to find information on child, youth, and older adult services at UCSF and in the Bay Area.

Supervisors and Managers
Breast feeding information for Supervisors and Managers
A supportive supervisor and manager is open to discussing topics including time space, scheduling, communication, and resources associated with lactation accommodation. This tip sheet is a helpful guide for UC San Francisco supervisors and managers.