Wait Pool Application & Information

Wait Pool Application & Information

UC San Francisco values the importance of family to our community of faculty, staff, and students. UCSF families in search of child care are encouraged to apply. To help you, we recommend learning more about the wait pool and the many alternative family resources available in the Bay Area. Thank you for your interest!

1-2-3: How to Join the Wait Pool

Step 1. Download the wait list application form. Be sure to indicate if you are applying to one or more UCSF Child Care Centers. If considering more than one location, you will also have an opportunity to prioritize your preferred locations.

Step 2. Return the completed form by mail, fax, or e-mail to your first choice center – along with a $75 non-refundable application fee. Make checks payable to Bright Horizons. Once both your application and fee are received at the center, your application will be time and date stamped, and you will be added to the wait pool.

Marilyn Reed Lucia Center, Parnassus Campus
Box 0968
610 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94143
415-504-7023 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Kirkham Child Development Center, Parnassus Campus
Box 0926
10 Kirkham Street, San Francisco, CA 94143
415-664-1217 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

University Child Care Center at Mission Bay
Box 1232
727 Nelson Rising Lane, San Francisco, CA 94143
To learn more about our expanded center at Mission Bay contact us:
415-552-5576 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Laurel Heights Child Development Center (new location)
2675 Geary Boulevard, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94118
415-490-5204 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Step 3. Within a few days of receiving your application, you will receive an e-mail from your first choice center to confirm its receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation, please follow up with your first choice center at the contact information listed above. It is also helpful for you to contact the center periodically and provide updates to your application record (child’s birthdate, change of contact information, etc.)

About the Wait Pool and Enrollment

Who can apply to the wait pool? And, why is it called a “pool”?

UCSF Child Care Centers are open to UCSF faculty, staff, students, postdocs, residents, clinical fellows and Gladstone employees. A few child care slots are made available to community families who are not affiliated with UCSF. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on non-UCSF affiliate or community applications.

The wait pool is called a “pool” because placements are not offered exclusively in time dated order. Other considerations, such as a child’s age and gender, are taken into account in order to achieve classroom balance.

What is the application fee? Why is there a fee?

Application fee: $75 per application.
Fees cover expenses to administrate the wait pool and provide center tours. No additional fees will be charged if you apply to more than one UCSF Child Care Center.

Our family is expecting. Can we join the wait pool now?

Yes! Be sure to include the expected due date (once it is known) on your application and indicate your first choice center. Later, please contact your first choice center and notify us of your child’s birthdate once it is known.

Our family is adopting. Can we join the wait pool now?

Yes. Families adopting a child may request a date based on the anticipated date that care will be needed. Please contact your first choice center and notify us of your child’s birthdate once it is known.

How long is the wait pool?

Since demand for child care at UCSF is high, the wait pool time can vary. UCSF is expanding its child care resources to better serve the needs of its community. We encourage you to apply and then follow up with your first choice center periodically to check on availability.

Is UCSF planning to increase its child care capacity?

UC San Francisco is actively seeking and evaluating opportunities to expand child care to serve UCSF campuses. We recently expanded services at Mission Bay and Laurel Heights. To learn more about planned growth at UCSF, visit the Long Range Development Plan.

How are placements offered?

Placements are dependent on the length of time in the wait pool. Factors such as gender and age are considered to achieve classroom balance. Other factors must be managed to meet UC San Francisco and Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing requirements.

Do UCSF affiliates receive priority in the wait pool?

UCSF students receive first priority in the wait pool while second priority goes to post-doctoral scholars, residents and clinical fellows. Faculty and staff have third priority and campus affiliates (fourth priority), such as Gladstone employees, receive preference over community/general public applicants. Affiliates and community members are subject to community tuition rates. Please note that due to high demand, having wait pool priority, of any level, does not guarantee placement.

Do siblings of enrolled children receive priority?

Yes. Siblings of currently enrolled UCSF-affiliated children receive enrollment priority.

If a space becomes available, how and when will I be contacted?

The Child Care Center will notify you using the information provided on your Wait Pool Application. Please notify the center of any pertinent information changes, such as address change, phone/e-mail changes, early birth, and change in affiliation.

If my Department Chair writes a letter of endorsement, will that move me up in the wait pool?

Letters of recommendation do not impact an individual’s standing in the wait pool for UCSF Child Care Centers. Access is guided by enrollment and wait pool policies developed by the UCSF Committee on Family Services – with one exception:

UCSF has a limited Child Care Exceptional Enrollment Policy, developed by the UCSF Committee on Family Services, and designed to support campus leaders in the recruitment and retention of key talent. The policy provides one slot annually to each UCSF School, the Chancellor’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice Provost, and UCSF Health for recruitment and retention purposes (the School of Medicine receives 3 slots). Campus administrators seeking information on this policy and procedures may direct inquiries to Laura Ishkanian, Director of UCSF Family Services (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 415-502-6312).

Is it possible to hibernate child care center enrollment while on a dependent care or other type of leave?

Hibernation of service at UCSF Child Care Centers is not available, but parents can provide 30 days notice to UCSF’s contracted provider, Bright Horizons, if they would like to withdraw their child, or reduce their schedule, without any payment penalty. If a family leaves the center, or reduces their schedule, Bright Horizons cannot guarantee their desired spot when leave concludes; however, they will make every effort to accommodate the family’s desired schedule. Many parents choose to pay tuition to hold their spot while they are on leave and benefit from having access to care when needed. Contact your Center’s Site Director for more information.

What are alternatives to UCSF Child Care Centers?

A range of child care centers, pre-schools and family child care homes operate in the Bay Area. UCSF families have diverse needs and rely upon a variety of child care solutions, including center-based care, family child cares, nannies, au pairs and nanny shares. We encourage you to learn about different options that might work for your family. These resources may be helpful in assisting you in your child care search:

Do UCSF Child Care Centers serve community families who are not UCSF affiliated?
Non-UCSF affiliate community members may apply, but space is limited. Because UCSF Child Care Centers primarily serve UCSF faculty, staff, and student families, community slots are offered only occasionally, and generally serve pre-school and pre-k age children. Please contact one of our centers if you are interested in joining the wait pool. Community members are subject to community tuition rates.

If you live in the immediate neighborhood surrounding Kirkham Street (including Kirkham Heights), 6th Avenue, Parnassus Avenue and 4th Avenue, and are interested in joining the Kirkham Child Development Center wait pool, please contact the Site Director to learn about limited enrollment for non-UCSF affiliate neighbors. Site Director, Nancy Costantiello. Phone: 415-664-1217.
Where can I learn more about services available to support families at UCSF?
Visit myfamily.ucsf.edu or subscribe to the Family Life e-newsletter, just for UCSF families. We look forward to serving you.

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