UCSF Committee on Family Services

The Committee’s purpose is to advance UCSF’s mission by advocating for a family-supportive environment in which our interdisciplinary, diverse community can thrive. Committee members act in an advisory role on child/family needs for the UCSF campus community.

Faculty Chair: Clay Gustafson and Staff Co-Chair: Heather Nichols

2017-2018 Members

Sourav Bandyopadhyay
Amy Beck
Annesa Flentje
Noelle L’Etoile
Heather Leutwyler
Elizabeth Mertz
Bani Tamraz

Post Docs/Residents/Fellows
Alexandra Crosswell
Jennifer Nguyen
Kathryn Robertson
Julia Shalen

Other Campus Representatives
Christine Fong
Joy Glasier
Beth Godfrey
Ailish Mcveigh
Diane Ngo
Christine Omata
Jennifer Rosko
Jennifer Thomas
Jeanes Villanueva

Ex Officio Members
Diane Wara
Marli Sacolles
Nathalie Larsen

Committee Sponsor
Clare Shinnerl

Committee Support
Leeane Jensen
Suzie Kirrane
Michael Huang